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Titanfall 2 Hack – Once again, Titanfall 2 is hacked

Titanfall 2 hacked again, Respawn are investigating.

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Once upon a time, telling you that Titanfall 2 has been hacked would have been met with raised eyebrows and silent uninstall of the game. Now, reactions are a wave of sighs and groans.

This isn’t the first time Respawn’s Titanfall 2 game has been hacked. In fact only a few months ago, Apex Legends was hacked by Titanfall fans in an effort to force Respawn to #savetitanfall.

It’s not limited to PC either, it’s believed all servers are now compromised and certain people are urging players to uninstall the game for the time being.

However, to the relief of others, Respawn have investigated and claim that the hack shouldn’t have any dangerous effect on its players.

Although we, personally, would recommend uninstalling the game’s uninstalling for the time being, better to be safe than sorry. Not to mention, an hour or so of redownloading is far better than any leaked personal information.


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Apex Legends Hack

With Titanfall 2’s hack, this does lead to many Apex players worried that the battle royale will be next or might already be compromised. Only a few months ago was Apex subject to a frustrating few days of unplayable content.

It does show how weak Respawn’s security is, especially considering how often it’s happened in the last year.

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