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Torchlight 2 Console Commands – Cheat Codes & More in 2022

Updated: May 8, 2022 12:39 pm
Torchlight 2 Console Commands – Cheat Codes & More in 2022

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If you love Diablo-style action RPGs, then you will love Torchlight 2. This indie RPG was a huge hit back when it came out, and although the developers have tragically gone the way of the dodo, this game still has fans who will sing its praises to anyone who’ll listen to them. If you’ve never played the game before, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. If you have played the game before, you should try out console commands.

Torchlight 2 console commands can help you tweak game settings quickly, turn you into an unstoppable god, or even warp around dungeons with the most incredible ease. Check out our lists below to find the game’s best console commands.

How to Enable the Console

Like many games, you’ll have to tweak some game files to get the console up and running. Find where the game keeps your saves, which depends heavily on your Operating System and choice of platform. If you’re stuck, check out Save Location which can give you the help you need. In your individual save folders, you should find a file called Settings.txt which you can open and edit in a text editor like Notepad. Inside, change “Console:0” to “Console:1” and “Debugnenus:0” to “Debugmenus:1”. Once you’ve done this, you can open the console in-game by tapping the Insert key.

Torchlight 2 Useful Console Commands

While there are plenty of commands in the game to make you into an unstoppable badass, there are also plenty of commands that are more useful than powerful. These commands can do things like get you through bugs and glitches and help you understand your game a fair bit better. Still, if you’re attached to your saves, you should back them up before using any of these commands just to be safe. On that note, you should also only use these on test characters since the game will sometimes tag you as a cheater even for using these mild commands.

Command EffectConsole Command
Shows an FPS counter as well as other informationFPS
Tells you the name of the room that you’re currently inROOM
Forces a reload of the textures RELOAD
Toggles the combat log on or offCOMBATLOG
Enables sound debugging information SOUNDDEBUG
Frees up resources CLEANUP
Toggles blood on or offSHOWBLOOD
Force the UI to refreshUIREFRESH
Toggles pathing debugging informationPATHING
Toggles trails showing behind missile attacksMISSILETRAILS
Forces animations to match FPSANIMATIONSPERED FPS

Torchlight 2 Cheat Console Commands

After you’ve finished tinkering and tweaking the game a bit with the commands above, you can jump feet-first into the cheats that we’ve got for you below. It should go without saying that these will get your character tagged as a cheater, but they also have a much higher chance of damaging your saves. Make sure you have everything backed up before typing in any of these commands.

Command EffectConsole Commands
Toggles god modeGOD
Makes you move fasterSPEED
Toggles god mode and makes you move fasterGODSPEED
Freezes all AI-controller charactersAIFREEZE
Prevents enemies from targeting the playerPLAYERNOTARGET
Levels up the playerLEVELUP
Kills all monsters on the screenKILLALL
Go up a dungeon level ASCEND
Go down a dungeon level DESCEND
Makes every attack you perform a critical hitALWAYSCRIT
Spawns all items in the game (intensive)ALLITEMS
Gives you [amount] of moneyMONEY [amount]
Stops you from getting XP NOXP

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