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Total War Warhammer 3: Chaos Realms guide

Delve into the heart of Chaos

Updated: Feb 20, 2022 2:47 pm
Total War Warhammer 3: Chaos Realms guide

Total War Warhammer 3’s campaign is named The Realm of Chaos. And it certainly lives up to that title. Depending on which faction you play as, your motivations throughout the campaign differ. But they are all united by a single focal point. Delving into the Realm of Chaos to find the bear god, Ursun.  Each faction has their own reasons for seeking the bear, from redemption to salvation to sacrifice.

An essential part of each faction’s quest is entering the four separate Realms of Chaos, retrieving the souls of Daemon Princes and using them to unlock the Forge of Chaos, where Ursun is held. Though this may seem a difficult task, we’re here to give you the edge against your fellow factions.

Join us as we go through how to claim the souls needed from each of the Chaos Realms.

Total War Warhammer 3: Unlocking the realms of Chaos

Shortly into Total War Warhammer 3’s Realms of Chaos campaign, Chaos Rifts will begin to open across the map. These rifts can be interacted with in various ways. They can be closed to stop Corruption from increasing within the province they are located in. They can be used to traverse to another active rift in an instant. But the key feature here is that they can be entered.

Each Chaos Rift can be used to enter a Chaos Realm of the player’s choosing. Once inside the Chaos Realm, the player must complete Realm-specific objectives, in order to kill a Prince of Chaos and claim its soul.

It is important to note, Total War Warhammer 3 is not a static game. Other factions will not sit around idly and watch as you complete your objectives. Multiple factions may enter Chaos Rifts at the same time as you, pursuing the same goals. When this happens, your victories in the Realms of Chaos will be as hard-won as any on the mortal plane.

Khorne – the Blood God’s Domain

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Khorne’s challenge is truly befitting the lord of the Skull Throne. All you must do here is fight. There is a Bloodshed meter that is built up by defeating other armies. Once the meter is full, you will have successfully attracted the Blood God’s attention. Once this is done, you only need to make your way to the brass citadel, fight Khorne’s champion in a survival battle and claim his soul.

However, there are optional rewards for those that are willing to stray from the beaten track in Total War Warhammer 3. The corners of Khorne’s domain each contain powerful unlockable weapons that can really grant you the edge in combat, at the cost of increasing Khorne Corruption. What’s more – though you can only have access to one of the four weapons – they can be brought back with you to the main map after completing Khorne’s Realm! Sadly, these weapons will be removed once you enter other Chaos Realms.

Slaanesh – the Dark Prince’s realm

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If Khorne’s realm is straightforward, Slaanesh’s is anything but. The focus is less on direct combat and more on traversal and survival. Navigating the six circles of seduction to reach the palace of Slaanesh is the goal this time around. The palace in ringed with a multitude of circle gates that can be passed through by simply moving to them.  As you move through the gates and get closer to the palace, Slaanesh armies will spawn and begin pursuing you.

In many ways, this Realm is the inverse of Khorne’s. Where before you were the aggressor, picking your battles, you are now on the back-foot, being pursued and hunted as you attempt to reach your goal. Simply surviving this gauntlet and reaching the palace is enough to grant access to the survival battle, and one more Daemon prince soul to add to your growing hoard.

But this wouldn’t be Slaanesh’s realm if there weren’t some form of temptation involved. The further you move into the realm, the more Slaanesh will offer you gifts. These gifts are extravagant and – more to the point – useful. Ranging from large amounts of gold, through to weapons, followers, Control and hero buffs, these gifts can be significantly useful to your campaign. The only price is that, if you accept, you instantly leave Slaanesh’s realm. Is it worth delaying your campaign progress and allowing the other factions to get ahead? Normally not in Total War Warhammer 3, but those rewards are very tempting…

Nurgle – the Land of the Plaguelord

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Khorne and Slaanesh’s realms both had a focus on surviving combat, but Nurgle’s is about survival full stop. This land is so festering and diseased that simply traversing it and reaching the mansion of the Plague Lord is challenge enough.

Attrition is constantly active in Nurgle’s realm, and the casualties can stack up before you know it. Encamp stance is very much your friend here, but only if you’re willing to suffer the hit to your pace, as it’s better not to linger in this realm for longer than you need to. Nurgle’s armies do not pursue you across the map, but stand as obstacles in the way of where you need to go. Once they are defeated, you are able to reach specific locations that grant you reduced attrition and replenishment of your army. Use these spots to the fullest as you cross the Plague Lord’s realm.

At the mansion’s gates is Nurgle’s Daemon Prince. Defeat him and – like the others – his soul is yours.

Tzeentch – the Realm of the Sorcerer

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Tzeentch’s realm is a collection of floating islands, as opposed to one single location. You must reach The Impossible Fortress by passing through a network of portals. The portals may remind you of Slaanesh’s realm, but as with anything Tzeentch, this goal is much less straightforward. You must find the right path through the portals to reach the fortress, being harassed by Tzeentch troops all the while. Luckily, the armies aren’t just hazards. Defeating them reveals teleport sigils, that begin to let you see which portals connect up.

The Librarian is Tzeentch’s Daemon Prince awaiting at the fortress. And despite all the sorcery and trickery, he can be killed just like the others, and his soul claimed.

And there you have it. No matter which order you enter the Chaos Realms in Total War Warhammer 3, you’ll find trials and opportunities alike awaiting you. We hope we’ve been able to make your journey into Chaos just that little bit less inhospitable.  

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