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Total War Warhammer 3: Mortal Empires Campaign DLC guide

Grand-scale warfare

Updated: Feb 18, 2022 12:11 am
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The appeal of Total War Warhammer 3 as a solo title is considerable. Fans and new players alike have been eagerly waiting for the chance to dive into this strategic, blood-pounding battleground. But for many people – fans of the series since its inception – Total War: Warhammer 3 is more than just a single game. It is the end of a wildly successful and beloved trilogy. And Mortal Empires looks to bring that whole trilogy together, sending it off on a high note.

Developers Creative Assembly have no intention of sitting back and basking in a successful release. In fact, they intend to seemingly do the impossible: weld all three games together into one gigantic, chaotic, glorious battleground. This is the Mortal Empires campaign. And in further miraculous news, it will be released as free DLC, accessible to owners of all 3 Total War: Warhammer games!

Mortal Empires mechanics

Mortal Empires will be a vast undertaking. The scale of Total War Warhammer 3’s map already outstrips its predeccesors. So adding in Mortal Empires will only expanding this to a truly colossal scale. Players will be able to chew through battle after battle for hours on end.

That being said, Mortal Empires may not perfectly recreate the Total War: Warhammer 3 experience on a bigger scale. While there will likely be as few changes as possible, it may be worth bracing for a few concessions in order for the whole thing to fit together.

Some of the more unique faction mechanics – such as Kislev’s diplomacy being affected by supporters and devotion – may end up being sanded away. In order to provide a more streamlined experience. Taking into account all of the overlapping mechanics and playstyles of each faction is a significant undertaking in the base game, let alone on such a grand scale. Mortal Empires is likely to be predominantly combat focused as a result.

How to Access Mortal Empires

Once Mortal Empires has been released, Creative Assembly have made it clear that players will need to own copies of all three Total War: Warhammer games on the same storefront. This is something to keep in mind if you have not yet purchased Total War Warhammer 3. Or if you are a new convert to the series looking to go back and play the first two entries. If your copies of the game are spread out over different storefronts, Mortal Empires will not work for you. Full information on this is located in Creative Assembly’s FAQ.

When will Mortal Empires be released?

Unfortunately, no release date has been set for the Mortal Empires campaign at the time of writing. But Total War Warhammer 3 players hopefully won’t have to wait too long. Focus was likely placed on getting Warhammer 3’s base game in a solid and reliable state. And from that foundation, Mortal Empires can soon build into something bigger and spectacular.

We’ll be sure to provide updates when a more concrete date is revealed.

We’ve been covering a lot of Total War: Warhammer 3 here at WePC. We’ve put out a faction tier list, and have also helped new players choose the best starting faction for them. And we’ll be covering much more of the game in the coming days. Stay tuned for in-depth faction guides, campaign tips, customisation options and much more!

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