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V Rising floor and room types explained

Here is a guide to the V Rising floor types and how they benefit rooms in the game

Updated: Jun 16, 2022 5:40 pm
V Rising Floors and Rooms

V Rising has plenty of customizable options when it comes to room design and flooring. It means players can have fun designing the gothic castle of their dreams. But what if we told you that there are certain bonuses for having certain workshops and crafting stations in certain rooms. Well, that’s the case, and there are quite a lot of floor upgrades that aid your production line. Below we explain what you can expect from the V Rising floor and room bonuses.

V Rising room and floor bonuses explained

In total, there are eight different room floor tiles that have an impact on your base’s ability to construct items. These are:

  1. Alchemy Floors
  2. Crypt Floors
  3. Forge Floors
  4. Jewellery Floors
  5. Library Floors
  6. Prison Floors
  7. Tailor Floors
  8. Workshop Floors

The general theme is that these floors should provide a 25% reduced cost to produce items relevant to the floor type while decreasing the crafting time for those items. We have created a table to show what workstations earn bonuses for each different floor type.

Floor TypeWorkstation
Alchemy FloorAlchemy Tables.
Crypt FloorServant Coffins.
Forge FloorAny form of Forge.
Jewellery FloorJewelcrafting Table, Gem Cutting Table.
Library FloorResearch Desk, Paper Press, Study, Athenaeum.
Prison FloorPrison Cell.
Tailor FloorTailoring Bench and other fabric-related workstations.
Workshop FloorWoodworking Bench, Sawmill, and the Grinder.

Therefore, we recommend making a dedicated Jewellery room, Tailor Room, Library Room, Prions Room, Crpt Room, Alchemy Room, Forge Room and a Workshop Room when you get the floors unlocked

If a floor inst listed above, then it should not provide any bonuses to your workstations. You can use those floors for decoration purposes, or just to have a floor down for getting your castle up and running in the first place.

How to unlock floors in V Rising

V Rising Scrolls Guide
You’re going to need to use a lot of scrolls in the Study.

Like most things in V Rising, there are many different research things you need to do in the game, and the floors are no exception. They are unlocked through the usual research methods in particular at the Study stage of your research.

The most generic thing you can do is use Scrolls to make random researches become unlocked, which requires 75 Scrolls. You can also come across research books while out in the tier 2 part of the game, by looting boxes, smashing objects and killing enemies. 

However, some of the V Rising floor research is earned via the Athenaeum. One example is the Jewellers’ Chamber and the Jewellery floor. This can be unblocked via defeating Raziel the Shepherd, who is found in the Dunley Monastery in the Farmlands. Killing the NPC grants you the Athenaeum which will then let you unlock more research.

It is going to be a long grind before you get all the floors unlocked, so don’t sweat about making your castle a perfect design just yet. Once when you get a floor unlocked, you can then start designing your castle into production compartments.

All in all, this should help you find your way to making some great productive rooms in your V Rising castle. If you liked this V Rising Floor and room guide, then feel free to check out our V Rising hub for more content.

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