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V Rising Cloth Guide: How to get and make cloth

We guide you through how to get and make cloth in V Rising.

Updated: May 19, 2022 5:56 pm
V Rising Cloth Guide: How to get and make cloth

V Rising has plenty of items you need to make clothing, featuring the likes of Corse Thread, Leather and other items. Once you start making your way through the early game, even more items become valuable, such as Cloth. Here is everything you need to know about Cloth in V Rising.

The first thing you need to know is that it is a fairly useful item. Cloth in V Rising is used for some of eh earthly game cloaks, which you can unlock via research and other production buildings in the game. It then becomes more important to create higher tier items from workbenches as you begin to trivialize the woodlands section of the map. Once when you’re in that position, you’re going to want to figure out how to get lots of cloth.

How to get Cloth in V Rising

V Rising how to get cloth
Cloth is fairly common in the Farmland villages. Images via Stunlock.

Cloth is an item you typically come across later in the game in the Dunley Farmlands, typically in the village areas of the map. It is especially frequent in the Dawnbreak Village, which is the major human settlement in the southeast corner of the Farmlands.

However, you can come by it by chance through storage containers in humanoid areas, such as bandit camps or other human settlements. There is even a chance you can get it from other drops, such as the Bandit Armory, by smashing the items in the area and looting the chests. It also has a chance to appear in other higher gear score areas of bandit territory but is a fairly rare drop. They are also very rare drops from nighttime patrol mobs, such as the 20 gear score shieldmen who lead the patrols.

How to make Cloth in V Rising

Like other textile items in V Rising, you can indeed make cloth. You won’t be able to do it until you have done the following requirements:

  1. Beat Beatrice the Tailor
  2. Made a Loom

Beatrice the Tailor is found in the Dawnbreak Village, which is also the primary location you can loot cloth from various objects and storage. Beating this enemy awards the player with the ability to craft cloth, along with the Loom, which you can create cloth yourself. You can also get the recipe to craft Cotton Yarns, which is another recipe you will need to progress.

If you’re wondering how to craft the Loom, you need  20 planks, 12 copper ingots and 4 wool threads. The wool thread is another world drop, which drops similarly to coarse thread, albeit in the Farmlands rather than the Woodland. Head over to Human encampments and villages and fight the villagers, loot chests and smash objects until some drop. You can so get more cloth via this method.

And there you have it; you can now create cloth in V Rising. For more content, why not check out our V Rising guides?

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