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How to get and make Stone Dust in V Rising

Here is a guide on V Rising's Stone Dust item.

Updated: May 18, 2022 5:42 pm
V Rising Stone Dust Guide

There are many smaller resources in Stunlock’s V Rising which contribute to many different main progression items. One of these is V Rising’s Stone Dust, which is a secondary resource related to Stone blocks. The resource is incredibly useful and plays an important role in getting Whetstones. Here is how you get Stone Dust in V Rising.

How to get Stone Dust in V Rising?

Stone Dust in V Rising is a by-product of grinding stone. When you put sone into a grinder, you will naturally create Stone Dust. This is a nice addition, as it allows you to make your own Whetsones, using Stone Dust and Copper Ingots in a furnace. You will naturally get plenty of Stone Dust through the Grinder, thanks to the importance of making Stone Bricks for your castle projects.

However, if you need some more Stone Dust, the item does drop naturally while in the world. Destroying some items in certain areas has a chance to drop Stone Dust. This is typically found in the Bandit Armory at the northwest side of the forest biome, just to the side of the ravine that runs through the forest’s centre.

Other than that, there is not really any other way to get your hands on Stone Dust reliably. If you need lots of Stone Duat in V Rising, then your best bet is to mine lots of stone and make lots of Grinders.

This concludes this how to get Stone Dust in V Rising. For more guides, on V Rising, feel free to check out our guides hub, where you can find guides on other important early game items, like Coarse Thread, Leather, Grave Dust and more.

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