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How to get Coarse Thread in V Rising

Here is how to get Coarse Thread in V Rising

Updated: May 19, 2022 9:58 am
How to get Coarse Thread in V Rising

Coarse Thread is one of the most lucrative items as you start making your way through the Woodlands in V Rising. The item is necessary for crafting yourself the next tier of armor once you make your way from the tutorial crafted gear. 

One of the reasons why Coarse Thread is so attractive is because of the Nightstalker armor. You need 16 Coarse Threads to get your gearscore up to pass the tutorial. We will tell you how to find Coarse Thread in V Rising to speed things up.

How to find Coarse Thread in V rising

V Rising Coarse Thread Guide
Head to the Logging or Trapping camps for the best chances of acquiring Coarse Thread.

Coarse Thread has quite a few sources of drops through the Farbane Woods. You can get it from several of the smaller Bandit Encampments, particularly the ones located on both the western and eastern sides of the woods. Then there are the higher gearscore areas of the woods, such as the Bandit Logging, Trapping, Armory, etc. You can typically find these in the destructible boxes scattered around the areas. While the game doesn’t say Coarse Thread drops from the Armor, it does drop, making it a decent spot to farm while you’re hunting for Stone Dust and Whetstones.

Moreso, the mobs in these areas have a chance to drop the items, especially the ones in the areas that specifically mention coarse thread as a loot source. These areas are:

  • Bandit Trapper Camp
  • Bandit Camps
  • Bandit Logging Camp

Ideally, the Logging Camps and the Trapper Camps are the most reliable sources of Coarse Thread. You want to go here to maximize your opportunities of getting Coarse Thread in V Rising. You can also get them from the mobs that leave these areas and patrol at night, albeit they are rarer drops.

The unfortunate thing about the Coarse Thread is that there is no current way to make the thread. So, it would be best if you kept coming to these hostile areas and fighting for drop chances. Once you get the 16 Coarse Thread,  there is very little need for them. 

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