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How to get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

We teach you how to get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising.

Updated: May 19, 2022 5:31 pm
V Rising Unsullied Heart Guide

V Rising has plenty of items that contribute to your progression in some way. Once you make learn how to make stone castles, a new item becomes valuable after coming across as totally useless, the Unsullies Heat. The Unsullied Heart is absolute curtail to advancing to a T3 base. So, with no further ado, here is how to get your hands on Unsullied Hearts in V Rising.

How to get Unsullied Hearts in Vampire Rising

V Rising Greater Blood Essence
Greater Blood Essence is a key craft from Unsullied Hearts.

Unsullied Hearts are items that drop from a variety of creatures and humanoid NPCS. However, the Unsilled Heart drop rates are different. The most reliable creatures that drop the Unsullied Hearts are the named units in zone areas. For example, the deadeye ranger unit in some bandit camps or the shieldmen who lead the patrols or defined their camps are examples. There are also chances you can get them from the bigger creatures, like the Moose and bears, but they are fairly rare.

The best possible chance you have of getting the Unsullied Hearts is by invading named areas. These are not the usual bandit or militia encampments, but the ones like Logging Camps, Villages, Mines, etc. Bring you or your party and go beat up some people with shorter fangs than you. You will likely walk away with some Unsullied Hearts at the very least. 

It is also worth mentioning that as of the 0.5.4 hotfix, there has been a buff to the drop rate of the item. It means you are more likely to catch them from even the easiest of mobs, such as your usual thieves, poachers and other ne’er-do-wells in the woods and farmlands. Hopefully, it makes it easier for you to come across them.

The hearts are needed because they produce items from Blood Presses. These items are useful for making servants in your vampire estate and accompanying you on your journey. You absoluely need one Greater Blood Essence or example, which requires four Unsullied Hearts. V Rising’s Unssulied Hearts are also required for upgrading the castle Heart. You need 4 Greater Blood Essence, meaning you need 16 to upgrade the Castle Heart. So, that’s a lot of hearths that need to drop despite the relatively small drop chance. Good luck out there.

This concludes this Unsullied Heart Guide in V Rising. If you want more guides, we have plenty of content to help guide you through the game via our V Rising hub!

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