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V Rising weapons guide & best weapons and spells for PvE & PvP

Here is a V Rising weapons and spells guide. We also offer some tips on creating possible best builds in V Rising.

Updated: May 19, 2022 5:32 pm
V Rsising Weapons Guide

V Rising has a build your own class style gameplay, with players able to get their hands on some powerful weapons and spells as they play the game. With many options, we have made this V Rising weapons guide, containing some of the best tips we have personally used on our travels. Expect to see detail on what the weapons do in our V Rising Weapon guides, an idea of spell schools, and then, of course, weapon and spell combos that allow you to make some of the best V Rising weapon and spell combos we’ve seen so far.

V Rising Weapons Guide

V Rising Best Weapon and Spell Combos
Image via Stunlock Studios.

In total, there are seven weapons in the V Rising early access, and likely more will come as the game gets more updates. Every weapon serves different tasks, with some weapons having perks as they are technical tools. On the other hand, there are some weapons you get the further you venture.  As you upgrade your weapons, you get access to new skills for those weapons. The first skill for each weapon unlocks at copper, while the second requires iron. Below you can find a table showcasing what the weapons are and the skills of each weapon. You can later use this table as a reference for theory crafting your own build or viewing our tips on the best weapon and spell builds we’ve seen so far later on in the article.

WeaponSkill 1 Skill 2
AxeFrenzy – Deal a strong attack and then gain 30% attack speed for several seconds.X-Strike – Throw both axes in a direction. If an enemy is hit by both axes, they are incapacitated for two seconds.
CrossbowRain of Bolts – Fires 5 bolts at the target location and snares enemies hit.Snapshot – Fires a strong bolt that interrupts casts and snares enemies for two seconds.
MaceCrushing Blow – Jump a short distance and slam the ground, stealing area damage and slowing enemies hit.Smack – A longer-range swing that knocks back enemies and incapacitates them for roughly a second.
ReaperTendon Swing – Deal damage on a frontal AOE, which snares the target for 2 seconds.Howling Reaper – Launches an AOE at the target location, dealing damage every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds. Enemies hit in the initial throw are slowed.
SlasherElusive Strike – Dash forward and swing the Slasher, dealing damage and slowing the target before teleporting back to your initial position.Camouflage – Turn invisible and gain movement speed for 3 seconds. Your primary attack while invisible deals significant damage and incapacitates the target for 3 seconds. However, striking cancels the invisibility and movement speed upon striking a target. 
SpearThousand Spears – Rapidly swing your spear, hitting the target several times. Recast before it ends for an extra strike that knocks enemies back. Most enemies caught in the swing are staggered during the cast.Harpoon – Throw your spear forward, deal damage, and pull yourself to the target.
SwordWhirlwind – Deal damage in a 360-degree radiusShockwave – Fire a projectile that knocks enemies hit in the air. Use again to teleport to the target and attack three times.

It is also worth mentioning that you cannot use other skills one or 2s on other weapons if one weapon is on cooldown. It means you have to think about what weapons you want to use for weapon skills to perfect your V Rising weapon build.

As for the weapons that have tool perks, these are:

  • Axes – 25% bonus damage to lumber.
  • Mace – 25% damage to stone.
  • Spear – 25% damage to creatures.
  • Sword – 25% damage bonus to harvestable, I.E plants.

These four weapons are the weapons you get fairly early in the game as part of your survival crafting needs.

The best weapon in the early game is by far the spear, as it makes hunting enemies in eh wild easier thanks to the 25% damage buff. Then you want to use the other tools appropriate for your gathering.

V Rising Vampire Powers

The other weapons you have in V Rising are Vampire Powers. You can use two basic skills, a movement ability, and an ultimate ability. These skills are entirely modifiable as you unlock new powers, thanks to the V enemies feature. Different enemies use different schools of magic, and some offer new skills for you to unlock when you beat them in battle. You can track appropriately themed enemies in the Blood Alter that you build in your base.

As for the schools themselves, there are five magic types, each with its own theme:

  • Blood – A mixture of healing and shielding magic.
  • Chaos – Strong single and AOE damage with an emphasis on DoT effects.
  • Illusion – Mixture of movement, invisibility, support and denial.
  • Frost – Strong Crowd control magic, allowing you to freeze enemies in place in a variety of methods.
  • Unholy – An emphasis on damage buffs and AOE magic. Some support utility in there too.

You can get some other skills that don’t first those themes in those magic schools, but it is the general theme and feel of those magic schools.

Potentially the best weapon combos in V Rising

V Rising best weapons
Image via Stunlock Studios.

There are a variety of combos you can do in V Rising, especially with certain weapon skills, magic powers and blood types. There are also some weapons that are more ideal for single target, AOE or PvP encounters. We will list some weapons and schools of magic that you can use to create builds for different combat encounters. Note, these are not exact builds, rather suffering suggestions so you can pick and choose at your own will for your playstyle or role in the group.

One other thing you want to keep in mind is the blood types. Some Blood types help to make some crazy builds. For example, the Rogue blood type has lots of emphasis on crit amplifying and securing guaranteed crits. This is ideal for weapons that strike fast, such as the Axe and Spear. Meanwhile, the strength and weapon damage buffs of the Brute and Warrior blood types are handy for weapons like the Sword and Crossbow. Blood types can help to make a build even stronger, but they are harder to manage, thanks to the random blood types and percentages you find in the world. If you get the opportunity, great, but don’t sweat too much about it.

Best V Rising weapons and spells for PvP

V Rising PvP Builds
Frost Spells have plenty of opportunities to freeze your opponents in place. Image via Stunlock Studios.

Depending on the situation, different weapons and spells are useful in PvP. We have made different lists of suggestions for both group and solo PvP situations. However, one suggestion that is always useful is the movement skill from Illusion. This allows you to go invisible for several seconds. This is handy for dodging enemies to get the flank, didge enemy skills, or avoid passing players.

There are also plenty of Frost spells you can take for PvP. The Frost ultimate, Arctic Leap allows the player to jump and creates frost rings around that can freeze enemy players in place for three seconds. There’s also Ice Nova that can freeze enemies marked with chill, which also applies chill itself. Use these added seconds of CC to overwhelm your opponent.

Single Target PvP

  • Slasher – Camouflage invisibility and incapacitate attack skill adds extra invisibility and extra CC.
  • Crossbow – Strong assassination potential with well-placed shots and slowing AOE. Also interrupt enemy spells with skill 2.
  • Most Frost Spells – Follow up incaps with more incaps from your frost spells.
  • Sword or Spear skill 2 to gap close in case they move skill away.
  • Ultimate – Merciless Charge.

Group PvP

  • Mace – First skill provides a decent engage opportunity.
  • Sword or spear second skill to gap lose are also decent.
  • Corpse Explosion Unholy skill slows and deals AOE damage
  • Purgatory – AOE zone that heals allies and then damages enemies. Enemies in the healing zone are slowed.
  • Spectral Wolf – Illusion skill that can bounce between three targets and slows them by 30% by 5 seconds.
  • Ultimate – Mirror Strike.

Best V Rising Support weapons and spell combos

Support players rejoice, as there are a variety of weapons and spells you can use to help your friends in both PvP and PvE situations. The good thing is that a lot of these skills remain useful for both situations. So feel free to mix and match depending on how your team players or what you’re aiming to do at that moment in time.

  • Purgatory – Unholy skill that heals allies in an area, and slows enemies in the area. It then detonates later to deal damage to enemies.
  • Sanguine Coil – Fires a bolt that can heal allies or deal damage to enemies hit. 
  • Crimson Beam (ultimate) – Fire a red beam that deals damage to enemies and heals allies.
  • Crimson Aegis – Blood spell that shields yourself or a single ally. Also knocks enemies back around the shielded player.
  • Blood Rage – Shield self and nearby allies, and increase attack speed by 25% for several seconds. 
  • As for weapons, use whatever you want. Crossbow if you prefer to heal at the range or use melee weapons like the spear or mace for added CC in close range.
  • Ultimate – Spectral Guardian (Illusion ultimate) – Shield several allies in the location  Shield allies every 1.5 seconds and last 7 seconds. Also deals periodic AOE Damage

Best V Rising weapons and spells for PvE

V Rising PvE Build
Image via Stunlock Studios.

For those who are intending on fighting enemies, such as bosses or going into areas then you want the right tool for the job. We will separate it via single target and AOE scenarios.

There is one thing we should mention for DPS players. You can also play Unholy magic and get the movement skill and Unstable Mosquito. These two skills apply debuffs to enemies’ hits that make them take 25% increased damage.  These work for both single target and AOE fights, which empower the damage of the skills and also increase damage from weapon attacks and skills too. We shall also give other suggestions for more harder-hitting spells if you don’t fancy the damage modifier unholy build.

Single Target:

  • Axe – Frenzy increases attack speeds and deals strong first hit damage.
  • Slasher – Elusive Stike grants some dodging and deals strong damage.
  • Crossbow – Strong basic attack damage for ranged gameplay. Can also silence enemies that are casting spells with the second skill.
  • Chaos Volley – Fires two spells that also apply DoT damage.
  • Crystal Lance – Stong single target damage with some AOE added.
  • Ultimate options – Chaos Barrage or Mirror Strike.


  • Corpse Explosion – Place an AOE that explodes shortly after, dealing AOE damage and slowing enemies.
  • Aftershock – Blood spell that deals 100% damage to all enemies hit in the spell and applies a burn.
  • Shockwave – Sword second skill.
  • Crossbow – First skill for ranged AOE.
  • Reaper – Second skill for melee packs.
  • Ultimate options – Volatile Arachnid, Chaos Barrage, or Merciless Charge.

This concludes our V Rising Weapons Guide. What do you think of our best weapon and spell build suggestions? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you’re interested in more guides, why not check out our V Rising guides hub for more content? If you’re on the go and fancy playing V Rising to react to your base getting raided, why not see more info on V Rising and laptops.

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