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Valheim Console Commands – Cheat codes and more in 2022

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Updated: Sep 29, 2022 12:51 pm
Valheim Console Commands – Cheat codes and more in 2022

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Valheim is one of the most surprisingly popular survival crafting games to release over the past few years and it land on PC Game Pass. The game effectively drops you into the wilderness with nothing but your wits, and a talking raven to help you survive. As with most survival games, the main point is to create a base and keep yourself alive long enough to complete the game, which in this case involves killing a bunch of powerful animals. If you’ve already spent a lot of time in Valheim already, then you’re probably wondering how to spice your gameplay up a bit, and that’s where console commands come in.

Valheim console commands can help you to completely change the gameplay experience, from making yourself invincible to changing what level your skills are at. If you need to do something new in the game, this is the place to start. We’ve compiled as much as we can below about the various console commands that you can find in the game.

Activating the Console

Valheim Console Commands Flying

As with many titles, you can’t just use the command console in Valheim out of the gate, at least not anymore. You’ll need to apply a launch parameter to make the console available again. In your Steam library, right-click the game and select properties, then in the Launch Options window, enter -console. Then, when you boot up the game, you can tap F5 at any time to bring up the console command window and enter a code from the lists below. You can also do this directly through windows, by creating a shortcut to the .exe file, going into properties, and adding -console at the end.

Useful Valheim Console Commands

There are two main branches of the Console Command tree, useful Commands like these ones we’ve featured here, and cheats, which are sectioned on their own below. it’s important to note the distinction between the two because all of the commands below can be entered as soon as you have the console up and running, but the cheats below require a tertiary command to be entered before they’ll work.

Valheim Emote Console Commands

All of these commands do nothing more than make your character perform some sort of animation, from cheering, to crying, to pointing straight ahead. You can also perform these emotes using the built-in chat function rather than the console command, but it’s nice to have the option.

Threatening chest-poundchallenge
Negative responsenonono
Pointing straight aheadpoint
Sitting Downsit
Thumbs upthumbsup

Valheim Utility Console Commands

valheim console commands tres

There are a few commands that are most useful for changing settings or getting you out of sticky situations. Since this game is still technically in early access, it’s not uncommon for there to be a few bugs with each new revision. If you ever find yourself stuck or being plagued by an annoying bug, these commands could potentially help you to fix the problem.

Command EffectConsole Command
Resets the current spawn pointresetspawn
Kills the player characterrespawn
Resets all tutorial messagestutorialreset
Changes server draw distance (can be 1 – 5)lodbias [1-5]
Toggles the map on or offnomap
Changes terrain generation from old style to new styleoptterrain

Valheim Cheat Console Commands

As well as the useful console commands that we’ve listed above, you can find a whole bunch of commands that are straight-up cheats. These will completely change your gameplay experience and, in some cases, could ruin the game for you. You’re also going to have to go through the following command before you enter any of the cheats below:


Once you’ve typed in the command above, you’ll have access to all of the cheats we’ve listed below. You’ll also receive a warning from the devs about using any of these commands, and for good reasons in most cases.

Cheat EffectCheat Command
Enter God Modegod
Removes both good and bad status effectsclearstatus
Reveals the mapexploremap
Enter flying modefly
Enter Free Camera Modefreefly
Makes enemies ignore youghost
Heals yourself fullyheal
Kill all nearby creatures (enemies and tamed)killall
Starts a random eventrandomevent
Resets the wind speed and directionresetwind
Clears the map resetmap
Removes all drops resetdrops

More Survival Console Commands

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