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Is Valorant down? Are Valorant servers down?

Why are Valorant servers down? It could just be an update, let's take a look

Updated: Jan 10, 2023 11:36 am
is valorant down

Are you failing to connect to Valorant servers? Valorant could be down due to maintenance, updates, or fatal error.

You can always check out the Riot Games status checker here to see if they have posted a message warning about any of the above.

Like any online service, they are susceptible to the odd crash or bit of downtime but this is often just down to scheduled maintenance.

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Is Valorant down right now?

Valorant is a game that updates quite regularly with seasonal changes being introduced on a semi-regular basis.

The most recent update coming to Valorant is the Episode 6 Act 1 patch, bringing players a new battle pass with new skins and rewards, plus a new map.

When this happens, Valorant will get some downtime. This could take as long as an hour to update in your region but again, check the Riot Games site for information on this.

Are Valorant servers down? How to check

As mentioned, servers can be taken offline in Valorant for maintenance or updates. It is rare to see them go down due to a fault but this can also happen.

Using tools like Down Detector will only show you user reports but it gives a good indication when a game’s servers are offline.

As mentioned above it is best to check Valorant Twitter and also the Riot Games tool before panicking. If there is no mention of servers being offline on any of the above, it could be an issue on your end.

You can also use the tool to report issues in your area, creating support tickets. This will help game developers fix potential issues much faster.

This guide should put you at eas when Valorant is down but make sure you bookmark the tool mentioned above as it will save you time when future updates and issues arise.

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