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How To Become A Trusted User In VRChat

Are you a VR friend or foe? Can you be trusted to behave in the metaverse's virtual youth club? Let's find out.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 12:43 pm
How To Become A Trusted User In VRChat

If you have been into virtual reality for a while, you will be more than aware of VRchat. If you are just getting into the metaverse in general, then you will still probably have heard of this remarkably popular virtual social hangout. But all people are not created equal. Some behave like fools, whereas others are dependable and this is the same in VRchat – so if you want to learn how to climb the ranks and become a Trusted User, read on.

VRchat Trust levels

VRChat users are divided into different “trust levels” based on factors such as platform usage. User trust is driven by what is called a trust score, which measures how much time users spend on VRChat, how much content they provide, how many friends they make, and many other factors that influence user usage. The level of trust is based on how much VRChat trusts a particular user, not the outcome, level, or “experience”.

How do you earn trust levels in VRchat?

Earn a “Trust Level” just by playing VRChat – as you explore worlds, make friends, and create content, you gain more trust, which determines your level of trust. Friends are actually the last level of trust: by befriending someone, you’re telling VRChat that you clearly trust that person, even more than the previous Veteran rank implied. Users you befriend have all of their avatar stats displayed in the normal shield level, and you can customize them just like any other trust level. Users can enable communications, avatars, and avatar features based on their level of trust.

How to rank up in VRchat


All players in VRchat have a rank that is determined by color. The ranks and their corresponding colors are listed below.

  • Visitor (gray)
  • New User (blue)
  • User (green)
  • Known User (orange)
  • Trusted User (purple)

As so many people might try out VRchat and not take to it and return, you will be ranked as a visitor for around your first 12 hours or so in the game. That’s quite a long time so we hope you are the sociable type.

Users can choose which types of content to block (voices, avatars, etc.) and from which types of users (depending on how long that user has been playing VRChat and their previous interactions). Players with a VRChat account (not a Steam or Oculus account) and new user level or higher will be eligible to upload avatars and worlds to VRChat; this is done to prevent spam. When you level up as a new user, you can start uploading your avatar and world to VRchat. New User (Blue) – At this level, players will be able to upload worlds and avatars if they have compatible versions of Unity and the VRChat SDK.

When promoted to the new user (blue) tier, VRChat users can upload their own content using the platform’s SDK. If new users spend more time on VRChat and follow the community guidelines, they will eventually gain access to the world and the ability to create avatars again. After spending some time on VRChat and chatting with other users, users will eventually receive in-app and email notifications that the new VRChat account has access to the world and the ability to create avatars. When users first create a new VRChat account, they will not be able to upload user-generated content, such as worlds or avatars.

Trusted user


The developers are basically adding a system that won’t let you upload anything (custom worlds and avatars) until you’re considered “trusted” in the VRChat world. When the system starts up, all VRChat account users will be notified of their status in the Content Gating system. Trust can be earned by spending time on VRChat, adding friends, uploading content (avatars, worlds), and letting users try your uploads.

Users who have been members of the VRChat community for a long time received more trust. The developers have been working on some new “trust” systems to make VRChat a friendlier place. Development of the trust system will continue so that developers can make VRChat a better place for all of our users.

The devs have never published details about how trust is calculated, although they may notify users of certain parts of the system when required ( because we are). By the way, the VRChat staff and developers won’t delve into the details of how the Trust system works for any user. The trust and safety system is designed to give VRChat users control over the feature that they can choose which avatars they want to see. It is possible you may come across some bad actors passing themselves off as members of the dev team. If their trust score doesn’t show “Team VRChat” under their avatar thumbnail, the user is not a member of the VRChat team and maybe trying to confuse the user.

If you’re not sure if a user tagged “DEV” is actually a member of the VRChat team, open your Quick Menu, select it, and check its Trusted Rating. You can find out how trusted a user is by opening the Quick Menu and looking at the username plate, where white means new to VRChat and purple means an experienced user. Trusted User (purple) is the highest visible rating you can get on VRChat right now. Treasured Trusted User is the highest rank you can get in VRchat.

How long do you have to play VRchat to be a Trusted user?

As long as you play VRchat regularly, you should have no problem passing the levels until you become a trusted user. It is estimated that you have to play VRchat regularly for a full year to gain the coveted trusted users. A major component of this ranking is the number of hours someone spends on VRChat, with trusted users spending an average of over 1,000 hours.

Not all Trusted Rank leaders will be in virtual space, and they don’t think of VRChat as a video game. Since friends are the most trusted users you know, they will have all features activated on all predefined protection levels, and their icons will now appear in gold.

VRchat Nuisance user

It is important to remember that what goes up can also, very definitely come down. You can quite easily be leveled down through the VRchat ranks as quickly as you leveled up. If people defend you, block you or downright report your bad behavior, it is all going to have a massive effect on your in-game rep.

Should you eventually get ranked as a ‘nuisance user’ you will have even fewer privileges than a Visitor. You will be dark gray in color and you are generally blocked from most interactions, meaning other users won’t even see your misbehaving ass.

You need to be extra careful as a visitor or new user as this is when you are most vulnerable to ending up tagged as a nuisance.

Thing to remember

Just like in real life, be nice, be courteous and be helpful. If you are all of those things your rank will increase without you even noticing as you will be having a lot of fun in the VRchat space itself. And if you find it not climbing, then maybe you need to look at how you are behaving.

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