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Nov 30, 2021 4:59 pm

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Warfame: New War release date confirmed, along with new content

A New War launches with Harrow Prime, Caliban, the latest frame and more on December 15.

Warframe a New War Harrow Prime Caliban release date

Warframe’s next major expansion, New War is due to drop. While we already knew that the next adventure for the Tenno is New War, we did not know its release date, at least specifically. However, it seems to be confirmed for December 15. Moreso, Digital Extremes released plenty of new details about what to expect with Warframe’s New War content

Warframe the New War release date

We know for a while that the Warframe a New War release date was scheduled for December. However, we did not know exactly. The latest dev stream did confirm it, though, with the new content coming on December 15. Those players who want to participate in the new content update can do so on December 15, but you’ll need to make sure you have the prerequisites ready. Otherwise, your journey into New War will be delayed.

New War Prerequisites

To start Warframe’s New War content, you’ll need to complete a few prerequisites. Firstly, you’ll need to own a Railjack, a Necramech, and finish The New War chapters, which will rename to the Prelude to War chapters when New War’s December 15 release date arrives.

When you start the content on December 15, you’ll need to focus on completing the content, as it restricts every other aspect of content until the introductory quests are completed. Also, the content size will be between 3-5GBs, depending on which platform you are playing. The switch has it easier with an approximate 1.5GB download and installation.

Warframe New Frame: Caliban

Warframe New War wouldn’t be a massive new content update without a new warframe is it? Meet Caliban, a sentient hybrid warframe, that comes with a bunch of new abilities.

  • Razor Gyre – Becoming a spinning ball of death, unleashing an unending torrent of damage while holding the ability down. It also allows you to target and shad towards specific enemies. The skill also leaves behind balsts that add extra damage/
  • Sentient Wrath -Smash the ground, sending a wave of destruction that deals damage to enemies. Those lucky to survive the blast get punted into the air, which they take damage from while they remain suspended.
  • Lethal Progeny – Produce three comrades to help assist Caliban, which repair his shields outside of combat.
  • Fusion Strike – Beams of energy converge into a single spot, dealing massive damage to the target. It also issues a blast around the impact zone, stripping armor off the targets hit.
  • Passive: Adaptive Armor – Allies within the Affinity range gain increased resistance to the types they are currently taking.

Warframe Harrow Prime

Harrow Prime is the new  Prime frame that launches in New War. The Warframe Harrow Prime is a dark looking frame, a mixture of black and gold, which is going to launch with the Scourge Prime. If you’re wondering what the case is with the Warframe Harrow Prime stats, they are as follows:

  • Armor – 175
  • Energy – 188
  • Health -300
  • Shield – 600
  • Sprint – 1.00

Warframe New War Trailer

While the dev stream showed off a lot of content and developer notes and previews, we did get a cinematic of New War. If you’re interested in seeing the New War trailer, then you can check it out below. The New War trailer shows off a protagonist, getting enchanted and syncing with warframes. It also shows her harnessing laser beam powers, seemingly related to Caliban’s energy beams. Is there a connection between this protagonist and the frame itself?

If you’re interested in the fill content lo-down, you can catch it all on the New War website.

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