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Warzone 2 How to Add Friends – Friends Bug Explained

Learn how to get around this annoying bug in Warzone 2 and MW2.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022 3:37 pm
Warzone 2 How to Add Friends – Friends Bug Explained

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If you’re playing Warzone 2 right now, you’ve probably wondered about how to add your friends to a game.

It seems like Warzone 2 is currently experiencing a pretty big bug that is preventing players from adding their friends to matches.

Read on to discover more about the bug and what you can do about it.

Warzone 2 Friends Bug Explained

Warzone 2 Friends System
Adding your friends to a voice chat channel is a workaround that works for most people, but some have reported issues with the fix.

If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid this bug so far, let’s give you the skinny. If you try to add a friend from a different platform right now, it won’t work.

Even hovering your cursor over the name of someone on a different platform kicks you back to the main menu, preventing you from adding them to games.

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As far as we can tell, you can still add friends on your same platform normally, but it’s not great either way.

On the plus side, Raven Software, the game’s developed, have added the bug to their Trello board. So, we can at least be sure they’re working on supplying a fix.

Warzone 2 How to Add Friends

Luckily, an enterprising Reddit user found a solution to the issue. You can get around this bug by using the voice chat channels as a workaround.

Create a new voice channel and add your cross-platform friends to the channel. You should then be able to invite them to your games by right-clicking their name in your voice channel.

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It’s not immediately clear exactly why this works, but the majority of players have found this fixed their issue. Be careful, as there are some players who’ve said that this fix crashes their menu, so for some players, it may not work.

On the plus side, we don’t have to wait for a fix to start playing across the aisles with our friends on other systems.

Warzone 2 How to Add Friends FAQs

Can you play Warzone 2 with friends?

Why can’t i add friends on Warzone 2?

Some players are experiencing a bug that is preventing them from adding cross-platform friends in Warzone 2.

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