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Weird West Companions Guide: Interesting companions worth recruiting

Here is a guide to the Weird West companions, featuring interesting recruitment offers.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:55 am
Weird West Companion Guide Melissa Davis

Weird West has a posse system that allows you take to take two additional companions with you on your journey. As you explore the world, you can find NPCs who will tag along with you through the world map locations, former playable characters, or as part of the main story. Here are some of the more interesting Weird West companions.

On a side note, if there are any characters you want to pick up from the list, we advise taking the Golden Ace of Spades perks that bolster your posse. There are perks that increase the health and damage of your Weird West companions, improving their martial prowess. We recommend investing in them along with taking our companion picks below.

Most interesting Weird West Companions

As said, there are many companions in the Weird West. However, some are mercenaries, as they tend to have terrible gear, health or other combat stats. Also, this article will exclude story related companions. In addition, we are excluding companions you are largely forced to take, such as Sherif Albright, Leila and more.

The Weird West companions you ideally want to use are as follows:

Journey Characters

Weird West journey character companions
You can meet journey characters and recruit them to your party.

Journey characters make quite the powerful companions. All those Relics you invested into those characters on previous journeys along with their vests, amulets, and weapons allow you to get a character you can rely on. To recruit a previous journey character, simply head to a location of interest to them. You can find Jane Bell at her farmstead, for example.

However, do be warned that taking journey characters with you in your posse can potentially cause them to die. If you’re hunting for achievements, then we recommend playing safe with them, as one of the end game achievements requires all journey characters to be present.

Rescue and Temporary Characters

As you play through the main story across all characters, you will encounter characters that can join your posse. These are typically characters you can rescue from cages, or characters that NPCs mention you can take with you. Moreso, these opportunities tend to come and go immediately, so, if you fancied something a bit more spicy the following examples can appeal to you.

Grackle Deputy – Sheriff Albright offers you her deputy to help you out with the Stillwaters. You have around ten days to accept the side mission before it expires. The NPC has around 120 HP, making him much more appealing than the typical bounty hunter and outlaws mercenaries you can get at the Saloons at that point in the game. 

Barbara Ward is an NPC you can free from a cage during the Protector storyline. Towards the end of the journey, you are tasked with finding Bracelets for the Olvidado town. One of them requires you collect the Bitter Rock Olvidado Bracelet. While on this mission, you can free Barbara Ward, and she offers her service as thanks for freeing her. However, if you say no, and try to come back later, you will find she is hostile to you.

The Werewolf – Right at the start of journey 4, you can stumble upon several werewolf cages, One of them is a werewolf you can let out and ask you to join your party. This means you have quite a strong melee character with high movement speed from the get-go.

The Trapper – During an early Protector mission, you are required to hunt down a trapper. While on that mission, an important NPC in the story offers you one of her trappers in the camp as a companion. Feel free to take them if you don’t already have a full posse to make the mission smoother. As far as we can tell, there is no other trapper themed companions, so it is a one of a kind opportunity.

Melissa Davies

Weird West Companion Guide Melissa Davis
The hybrid werewolf companion

Out of all the interesting characters, Melissa Davies is perhaps the best companion. This companion is a devotee, which you can find in the Hall of the First Fruits in the far east of the world map, near the Somnolence Temple. This character is one of the devotees who has taken the power to turn into a werewolf and does so to defend the religious folk in the area. It means she is slightly tankier than most human companions and has powers too.

The good thing about this character is that she has 250 base health, along with the power to turn into a werewolf. During her werewolf form, she gets increased movement speed and melee damage. The combination makes her incredibly strong and versatile, especially in the earlier journeys when you don’t have HP bonuses, or strong vests and weapons.

The best bit about this Weird West companion is that you can get her with Jane Bell. If you take the quest to deliver medicine from Grackle to New Hope Mine, you will naturally stumble upon this location and grab her along the way. When you change journeys, you will find the character again at the last mission location so you can reclaim her if you want to.

Pigman Joe

Pigman Joe is one of the tankiest companions you can recruit in the game. Partway through Act 2, you can recruit Pigman Joe to your posse, earning a companion with 400 HP. We highly recommend recruiting Pigman Joe, since the Pigman character you play is rather squishy and has several melee and/or charge themed skills. Having that extra tanky pig with you helps make a considerable difference.

If you take Pigman Joe when you get the chance, be careful dropping mercenaries from your posse. Mercenaries behave like regular people and don’t take too kindly to pig people. So, there could be a fight on your hands.

Once you finish the second journey of the game, you can then recruit Pigman Joe during an encounter with the Protector. If you liked partying up with Pigman Joe, then you can continue serving together into Journey 3. Although, if you don’t take him, then Pigman Joe roams the map and settles in the towns he is safe in. If you want him later on, look for the pig face in the mercenary section under settlements.

Red Thunderbird

Red Thunderbird is one of the first-named characters you stumble upon while beginning your journey with the Protector. We recommend picking up Red Thunderbird, as the character has quite a lot of relevance to the main story for the Protector. It feels more like a preset character in Divinity 2, adding that extra flavour to your gameplay experience.

Do be warned that this character does leave your posse from time to time but you can continue to recruit them throughout the main story. Just don’t get too attached to them by the end of the campaign as they play a role in the ending of the story if they survive that long anyway.

Are there any other interesting Weird West companions you think are worth bringing to your posse? Let us know in the comments below?

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