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How to upgrade weapons and armor in Weird West

We guide you through upgrading your weapons and armor in Weird West.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:34 am
How to upgrade weapons and armor in Weird West

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When you get into Weird West, you’ll be getting your hands on a variety of weapons, each with its own tier. You have the normal rarities which then can get green, blue, purple and then orange equivalents, signifying their rarity. While you can stumble upon different quality weapons by playing the game, looting them or buying them. You can even upgrade weapons if you have the resources spare. Here is a guide on how to upgrade weapons in Weird West.

How to upgrade a weapon in Weird West

Weird West Nuggets Guide
You can upgrade weapons in Weird West using a blacksmith forge in a settlement.

To upgrade weapons in Weird West, you need to collect nuggets. Nuggets are an item that you can get from a variety of sources, including mines, blacksmiths, and regular loot drops. The various types of nuggets include copper, silver and gold. You will need to use different numbers and variances of the nuggets to upgrade weapons to different tiers. Below is a list of how many ingots you need to upgrade a weapon in Weird West:

  • To green quality – 2 copper nuggets
  • To blue quality – 7 silver nuggets
  • To epic quality – 10 gold nuggets

Please note you have to upgrade a weapon one tier at a time, which means fully upgrading weapons can get expensive. It’s also worth mentioning that you cannot upgrade a weapon to legendary status. These items are only reliably found in gun stores, and cost around $1500 per legendary quality weapon. Once you have the resources to upgrade one of your Weird West weapons, you need to head to a Blacksmith. Go to the forge and then you can use your nuggets on a weapon of your choice to upgrade.

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We highly recommend upgrading weapons when you can, especially when playing as the Bounty Hunter. You only discover the first blue quality weapon naturally when you’re at the end of the Bounty Hunter’s journey. Meanwhile, you can get green weapons fairly reliably in the second half of the main story. So, if you want a strong arsenal of weapons, you need to upgrade your guns. This also applies to starting afresh with a new character when you complete an act of the story.

To get your next playable character up to speed, we recommend storing any spare nuggets ins a bank storage vault. That way, you can switch characters, head to a bank and withdraw plenty of nuggets to upgrade the terrible weapons you start off with. In fact, this is one of the general gameplay tips we recommend doing.

How to get nuggets to upgrade weapons

Getting nuggets in Weird West is fairly easy. You can get them randomly while looting bodies, chests, and other facets of the gameplay looting. Meanwhile, you can also get bars using the same way. If you acquire bars, you can smelt them down at a blacksmith for two nuggets, depending on what type of bar you are smelting. 

Naturally, you will often find nuggets and ingots as you play the game. However, one of the most reliable methods of getting nuggets is by visiting mines. There are plenty of silver and copper mines throughout the main story, and you can even visit mines while performing side missions and bounty hunter missions. Gold is much rarer, but you can still get the same ways as copper and silver.

How to upgrade armor in Weird West

How to upgrade armor in Weird West
Head to a skinning rack in a settlement to upgrade armor in Weird West.

Upgrading armor in Weird West works similarly to weapons. These vests use animal hides and leather. The quality depends on the animal. Snake or deek skins are considered lower-tier hides that can craft lower end vests. Bears and bison are higher tier animals that reward better upgrades.

To get hides, you’ll need skinning tools, which you can buy from a clothier in settlements, such as Grackle’s Dagger and Bones. Alternatively, settlements will supply you with a variety of skins if you would rather spend the dollars on the skins than go out of your way to hunt.

If you wish to hunt for your skins, you can find animals all over. Bears tend to appear quite often during world map events, while you can find bison in the plains area of the map. Deer are often spotted in the forest biomes or the temple areas with greenery and oasis too. Lastly, snakes are easily found in desert locations.

When you have the skins, return to a tanning rack in clothiers to begin turning your hides and furs into appropriate vests. 
This concludes the how to upgrade weapons and armor in Weird West guide. Why not check out the WePC Weird West hub for more guide content?

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