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What are Weird West Nimp Heads?

Here is a closer look at the Weird West Nimp Head item in the game

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:35 am
Weird West Nimp Heads

Weird West have a variety of items in the game, some regular to the Wild West with others not so regular. One such item is the Nimp Heads, a strange mystical creature that has unknown origins in the game. While out in the world, you will stumble on Weird West’s Nimp Heads from various loot locations.

The main thing you need to know about Nimp Heads in Weird West is that it is essentially a valuable junk item. It does say the item is an ancient relic, but we have not got far enough to find if it does serve a purpose in that manner.

If they do serve a purpose, you could always store them in the bank if you’re convinced that they are worthwhile in the future. However, you can sell them for $50 each for those who love getting them dollar coins. That is a lot of money and helps you afford expensive items and other goodies in the game. So, if there is an epic or legendary weapon you want to buy from a gun store, these items can help fund that goal for you. Alternatively, store them in the bank, ready for when you play a new character so you can bankroll their new start with a horse and other necessities.

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If you’re keen on selling Nimp Heads, then you can sell these heads at two locations, Wanderers and Doctors. Any Doctor in a town can purchase Nimp heads from you for $50, as do the Wanderer caravans you come across while out in the world.

This concludes our Weird West Nimp Heads article. For more WW content, why not check out the Weird West hub for more content? Also, feel free to use the comments section and let us know if you found another purpose for these items so we can update the article accordingly.

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