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Weird West Nugget and Ingot locations and purpose guide

Golden nuggets, they taste yee-hah

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:36 am
Weird West Nugget and Ingot locations and purpose guide

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Weird West has plenty of ways to enable character progression. If you’re looking to power up your irons, then you’re going to need to start collecting a collectable called nuggets. There are a variety of nuggets in the game, all of which are a currency to upgrade your guns. Here is everything you need to know about Weird West nuggets.

Weird West Nuggets and Ingots guide

There are three types of nuggets in Weird West, which are copper, silver, and gold. Copper is the basic one, whereas silver is the next most common, and lastly, we have gold, which is the rarest of the nuggets you’ll find.

Each of these nuggets serves two purposes. The main purpose of them is to upgrade your weapons. The different tier of the weapon reflects the resources you need to upgrade your weapons:

For example, you need the following nuggets to upgrade weapons to different tiers.

  • To green quality – 2 copper nuggets
  • To blue quality – 7 silver nuggets
  • To epic quality – 10 gold nuggets

So, collecting ingots for upgrading your weapons can be a great idea, if you have the spare ingots. However, upgrading using golden nuggets can be 

Alternatively, you can turn your weird west nuggets into ingots at a blacksmith. This is worthwhile especially if you need some extra dollars. You can choose to sell your ingots and nuggets at a bank. However, if you do intend to sell, you will want to turn your nuggets into bars. It costs 2 nuggets to make a bar. When you sell an ingot at a bank you tend to get the value of three nuggets for that particular material. So, a silver bar sells for 30 dollars, while an ingot sells for 20. So, it means that you get an extra 33% value on selling ingots. This applies to every type of nugget and material in the game.

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Weird West Nugget Locations

Weird West Dirt Mound
You can occasionally find mounds that may contain nuggets and ingots amongst other items.

There are plenty of ways to stumble upon Weird West nugget locations. The general rule of thumb is that there are a few guaranteed ways to get nuggets. The first is to visit mining settlements on the world map. Each mine tends to have some form of silver and copper vein you can attack, which generates at least one nugget per mining node type. Luckily, you visit mines quite often while hunting bounty boards, along with doing side and main quests. Make sure you keep a spare mining pick on you to reap the opportunities mine levels present you.

On the other hand, you can also get Weird West nuggets and potentially ingots from silver and ornamental chests while on missions.  Make sure to scour the map and find these hidden chests, as they tend to be on every level. Regular chests can also offer players nuggets, but it is no guarantee. Lastly, you can also find yourself ingots and nuggets in dirt mounds or dead bodies.

The other common location you will find these ingots and nuggets is in blacksmithing areas. In populated settlements, the blacksmith may leave them lying around for you to steal. If you don’t care about having a positive reputation, then you could always steal them. Meanwhile, abandoned towns or towns populated with outlaw group may also have them lying around. Since these towns are not controlled by respectable folk, stealing from them is morally grey at best.

If you’re all in on the morally unacceptable lifestyle, banks are the high-risk high-reward way of getting nuggets and ingots. However, breaking into a bank is a dangerous feat to pull off. If you are going to d that, try to ambush a bank worker at night and steal their bank key. Then use stealth to break into the bank and profit.

This concludes our Weird West nuggets and ingots guide. You now know the purpose of the nuggets and ingots along with their typical locations. For more Weird West guides why not check out our WW hub?

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