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Weird West Olvidado Pueblo mission walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough for the Weird West Olvidado Pueblo mission.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:33 am
Weird West Ovidado Pueblo Gold Mine

The Weird West Olviado Pueblo mission is one of the trickiest missions we have encountered during our time playing the game. As part of the Protector’s story, you have to find a ghost town, which only reveals itself by doing certain situations. In this walkthrough, we will teach you how to access the Olvidado Pueblo town and find that gold mine you’re tasked to reach.

Weird West Olvidado Pueblo walkthrough

At the very start of the mission, you will be tasked with finding the Ovidado Pueblo town, which you were previously finding bracelets for. Now that you have the bracelets, you have the power to reveal the two, but you must solve a riddle or a lullaby, for that matter. The hints tell you about a tree, a road and some rocks. 

When you arrive at Olvidado Pueblo, you need to stand near all three hints in the Lullaby. Enter the map and walk straight forward from the position you entered. Eventually, you’ll find a road, and you should see three rocks in a circular formation, along with five dead trees. Stand in between these, and you should start hearing some noises before the town appears before you.

Weird West Olvidado Pueblo
Trees to the left, the dense road, and stones are mentioned in the lullaby.

Work your way up the town until you come across a very large red brick building. This is the building you need to enter. Getting inside is rather simple, as you can easily climb to the roof of the building and descend the chimney if you have a rope on you. Once inside, feel free to explore as there are Golden Ace of Spades and other goodies for you to loot. As for the progression point, you need to find a hole in the floor boarded with planks. You can find this on the other end of the floor you drop into inside a room with yellow wallpaper.

After dropping down, your purpose here is to find the stairs. You’ll have noticed that there is a huge blocked off room that collapsed, preventing entry to the other side of the floor. The stairs help you bypass that collapsed room. However, do be careful down here, as there are revenant enemies that summon zombies to attack you. Try to avoid them, and don’t forget to loot Nimp Relics while in the area too. 

Once you’re on the next floor, you want to look for a schoolroom with a chalkboard. On the chalkboard is a lever. Pull the lever, then head back downstairs to the gold mine’s trap door. However, you cannot open it just yet. Instead, a friendly ghost appears called Fortuna Olvidado and the rest of her family. You then need to head to the Spirit world to speak to them, but you need to speak to the West Standing Women to do so at Thriving Place.

Getting into the Spirit World

Weird West Spirit Realm
You need to perform a ritual to get into the Spirit realm to speak to the ghosts in the Olvidado Pueblo town.

Upon returning to the Thriving Place. The woman tells you to visit the Mashkiki Bark in Old Grove to enter the spirit world. Walk up to the tree there and take the bark from the tree You should also have a copper nugget on you for protection in the spirit world. Chances are you should have a copper nugget on you, but you can get them from one of the mines nearby if you need to mine yourself. Now that you have the reagents, you can perform the ritual and enter the spirit world.

While in the Spirit world, head back to Ovidado Pueblo and reactivate the town. You will need to fight Ravenous enemies here, so be prepared for a gunfight. Once the enemies are defeated, the town should reappear. Head back to the Ovidado ghosts, and you can learn the sequence to open the trap door and get into the mine.

Once inside the mine, you cant hen fight a boss down there. Kill the boss, loot its corpse and loot everything in the area before deploying dynamite and causing the cave to collapse. You can even get golden nuggets down here, helping to upgrade your weapons to epic quality. Once it’s all done, head back to the Thriving Place and complete the quest. You will thus complete the Weird West Olvidado Pueblo mission once you return to the area.

Congratulations, you have now completed the Weird West Olvidado Pueblo mission and the journey of the Protector. Now you’re off to play the Warewolf, the fourth playable character in the storyline.

This concludes this Weird West Ovidado Pueblo walkthrough. For more content, why not check out our Weird West hub?

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