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Weird West Under New Management walkthrough

We guide you through the Weird West Under New Management quest.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 11:33 am
Weird West Under New Management walkthrough

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As part of the second journey, you can play as the Pigman, learning about the man he once was. As part of the story, you make frequent returns to a place called Quigley’s Lantern Room, a brothel. Dring one of the missions at the brothel, you will need to take revenge against a character called Maximo, the new manager of Quigley’s Lantern Room. We walk you through the Weird West Under New Management questline and get to Maximo.

Weird West Under New Management walkthrough

Quigley’s Lantern Room doesn’t take too kindly to pigmen wandering around the place. In fact, if the patrons see you, they will run away in fear. Meanwhile, the white cowboy hat wearers will try to hunt you down and kill you. So, this mission ideally relies on Stealth. Moreso, killing the people inside will tank your reputation. Therefore, stealth will be your friend.

Weird West Quigley Lantern Room
Use a prop to climb the rear-facing fence.

The safest way to break into Quigley’s Lantern Room is by vaulting over the back. On the very rear of the building, you can find a fence with barbed wire on top. You can easily climb over this if you have an object to boost you over it. Luckily for you, there is a barrel next to a blood-stained mattress. Pick it up and place it next to the fence, and you can climb up the fence. From there, you can get on the rear balcony. We recommend getting on the balcony’s fencing and climbing onto the roof of the lantern room. Head over to the left side of the building and drop onto the furthest away balcony. It should place you in a room where there shouldn’t be anyone. 

Then it is time to locate Maximo. Maximo can sometimes be in either the management office or the room next door to the balcony room we recommend entering the building from. You can identify the management room with a double bed and red curtains at the front of the building. You can break that with a melee attack. It will shatter and make noise, but you should be able to hide and go undetected. Either way, you want to head to the room next door.

Weird West Under New Management 1
Maximo is typically in one of the two rooms at the top of the image.

From there, you want to sit and wait for the patrons to move away from the door. One guard sits in front of the door but at an angle. You can easily sneak past him. If you’re having trouble sneaking around the patrons, you can alert them and watch them run off into new positions.  However, you will alert the guards, but you can easily avoid them by climbing to the outside roof until they are no longer looking for you.

Then it’s time to enter the room next door. This room is typically where Maximo stays, opposite the glass wall. You can sneak in and knock him out. Feel free to use the Pigman’s melee range stun skill if he spots you and then knock him out. From there, sneak back into the room next door and launch him off the balcony. Alternatively, you can go through the management office and throw him off the balcony. That way, it looks like an accident, and you’re done. Remember to loot the body as you can get some interesting items from him, like a Golden Ace of Spades and an amulet that deals more damage if you have a low reputation.

Completing this mission should reward you with the Worker’s Rights achievement, helping you get platinum. If you enjoyed this Weird West Under New Management walkthrough, why not check out WePC’s Weird West hub for more content?

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