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What is Razer Axon?

Razer Axon is software looks to be a competitor of Wallpaper Engine but is it any good?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023 1:30 pm
What is Razer Axon?

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Razer released the “Razer Axon” software in beta towards the end of 2022 and it could be a very welcome addition to their software package. Razer Axon was previously announced by CEO Min-Liang Tan at RazerCon 2022, along with several upcoming products.

For those familiar with Wallpaper Engine, little is needed to explain the gist of what Razer Axon actually is. For those unaware, Razer Axon is a software that will ‘bring your desktop to life’. In other words, you can download and replace your current desktop background with a mixture of colorful, dynamic wallpapers out of Razers catalog.

Razer Axon is currently still in Beta and is completely free for everyone to try. Wallpaper Engine is a paid-for program via Steam, however, has extensive wallpapers to choose from, unrivaled customization options, and frequent updates.

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So, what is Razer Axon and what does it allow you to do?

Razer Axon, at its core, is an application for PC.

It is incredibly easy to use and you begin but choosing from a wide selection of different wallpapers. The best thing about Razer Axon is that every wallpaper syncs up with your Razer Chroma RGB lighting, meaning you can have a completely unified gaming setup.

Multi-monitor setups are supported and you can quickly customize each display at the click of a button.

All you need to do is download the desired background, add it to your chosen monitor, and you are done.

Wallpapers are dynamic or still, with Dynamic obviously going to drain your PC’s resources a little bit more than the other.

When choosing a wallpaper you can see how many likes certain ones have and add some to your favorites.

Razer Axon should feature new content every month

The wallpaper section isn’t the most extensive at the moment but Razer state that there should be something new every month.

There is a mixture of categories to choose from, such as landscapes, Razer products, collaborations, gaming, abstracts, and originals.

While the majority of wallpapers are free on Axon, some may need to be redeemed with Razers silver coins.

How to get Razer Axon

Get started and download the app here.

Once downloaded it is all going to look familiar to those who have installed Synapse before. run through all the necessary steps and then start choosing wallpapers.

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