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What is Star Level in Clash Royale – how to use Star Points

Clash Royale's Star Level is a great way to show players you mean business.

Updated: Dec 21, 2022 3:58 pm
What is Star Level in Clash Royale – how to use Star Points

The Star Level in Clash Royale is a fun little way to flex higher level cosmetics on your in-game sprites. But how do they work? And is there a way to know exactly Star Level in Clash Royale does? We’re here to give you all that and more.

Well, it’s a bit like Prestige-ing in Call of Duty: ultimately, it does nothing effective, but on a cosmetic level, it shows other players you mean business and you level height. It’s testament to how much work you put in, for sure.

Star Level in Clash Royale is purely cosmetic, so any upgraded level of stars you may attain will only be for show, and upgrading a specific card’s star level will therefore only change their in-game appearance and nothing else.

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What is Star Level?

Star Level in Clash Royale is a purely cosmetic, type of level that can be upgraded using Star Points. This will be added to the bottom of your cards, and will essentially show that said card is a high level.

Cards with just the one Star Level glow bright gold while being deployed. Cards that have more Star Levels than will have golden sparkle effects, golden clothing, armour, weapons, and other special elements added to characters in the midst of battle. 

Find out more about the trivia and history here at the Clash Royale Wiki here.

So how to you get them?

How to get higher Star Levels in Clash Royale

Your Star Points are they key to upgrading your Star Level in Clash Royale. These Star Points are used to unlock cosmetic changes for Cards. Star Points can be spent to upgrade level 7, 10, and 13 cards and give them Star Levels.

However, there’s a crucial point you must note before going for this: you, the player, must have a King Tower at Level 6. Star Points will only be obtained after this level is achieved

All cards have at least one Star Level, so it’s all about maxing out those Star Levels.

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