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What is Super People, the new Battle Royale shooter?

We look at the new super-powered Battle Royale taking over Steam in Closed Beta

Updated: Jan 7, 2022 3:00 pm
What is Super People, the new Battle Royale shooter?

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Super People is a new Battle Royale from Korean developer Wonder People, who claim the game will “revolutionize how you think about the genre”.

Combining features from some of the most popular, existing Battle Royale shooters, Super People puts you in control of a levelable super-soldier, as you fight to be the last person, pair or team standing on the Mars-like Orbital island.

What is the Super People game story?

When you start the game for the first time, you will be shown an engaging opening video, introducing you to the lore of Super People. If you want to experience the backstory in-game, we recommend you skip this paragraph. You have been warned.

A series of unfortunate circumstances leads to a massive force of super humans turning on each other in battle, starting with a terrorist group going after the Super Capsule. Containing a formula for turning humans into super soldiers, the Super Capsule was created by Orbital in an effort to aid human survival on Mars.

Orbital also created Orbital Island, the Mars-like training ground on which Super People takes place, and where the Super Capsule is kept. As Orbital brought in swathes of their super soldiers to take on the terrorists, one went rogue, using his powers against his peers and forcing the soldiers to eventually turn on each other. This leads to the fierce Battle Royale you find yourself in as you start playing Super People.

Super People gameplay

The gameplay of Super People is somewhat reminiscent of games like PUBG, COD Warzone and other similar Battle Royale shooters, so if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll feel right at home on the dry and dusty Orbital Island. However, it differs in many ways as well, including classes, crafting and character leveling in a way other Battle Royales don’t.

As you start the game, you’ll be greeted with an unusually comprehensive customization screen in which to create your very own soldier. With many more avatar customization options than other similar games, Super People already feels unique, letting you make the game your own from the word go.

Super People game character customization

From there, you can join a lobby, at which point you will be assigned a class. This is another massive way in which Super People differs from existing games. You cannot choose your class, being given a different one with each match, so you need to learn to master them all. The only way to avoid classes is by paying to switch, and you’ll need to pay every time it comes up, so it’s not really sustainable.

Then, in another twist to the classic Battle Royale shooter, in-match you will need to craft to really be able to stand up at the end-game. Find materials as you negotiate the map, and use them to create weapons and armor. We’ll provide more in-depth guides to classes and crafting in the coming days.

How to access Super People Closed Beta Test

Anybody playing on PC can apply to be part of the ongoing Closed Beta Test, as long as you have Steam downloaded. And it’s pretty simple to apply. Simply head to the Super People game page on Steam, log in, and click Request Access. At the time of writing, the CBT was accepting new applicants immediately.

request access

The CBT doesn’t currently have an end date, having been extended indefinitely. We’ll make sure to let you know when there is an end date, and when the next round of testing begins.

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