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Who is Gregory in FNAF Security Breach – Theories

Who exactly is Gregory and what secrets don't we know?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022 1:38 pm
Gregory SB

Among the cryptic puzzles and various mysteries all throughout the Five Night’s at Freddy’s franchise, one of the newest ones lies in the latest addition to the series. FNAF Security Breach is the newest release in the Fazbear franchise and with it, more questions, more mysteries and more pizza.

And as with all Fnaf games, one of the most important pieces for the puzzle lies right in front of our eyes. Our protagonist. In all Five Night games, our protagonist has always been someone of great important to the story. Whether that’s Micheal Afton, Jeremy Fitzgerald, Fritz Smith… Each of the characters we play as has some relevance to the overall story. And so, we have to ask ourselves, who is Gregory?

Gregory, the Orphan

When it comes to learning more about Gregory, we need to pay close attention to all the details in the game. Some of the most overt details come from one of the Bad Endings, where we discover that Gregory is homeless and has no where to go to after escaping the Pizza Plex.

We also learn something about Gregory at the very start of the game. Then we see that he’s not registered on the guest list, something that sadly means all our theories about him are up in the air. We can’t even know if Gregory is his real name! But for the sake of our joint sanity, we’ll assume he is indeed Gregory.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - Who is Gregory?

Lil Gregory is a small child with messy brown hair and eyes. He wears a blue top and some Fazbear-merch shoes. He’s an outspoken child who seems to get irritated quite easily. But he’s also caring and brave, as seen when facing the animatronics and when he chooses to stay in the Pizza Plex to help stop the disappearances.

All these things don’t exactly give us much in terms of who he is though, we don’t know where he’s from, why he’s here or really who he is. But as with any Cawthon game, being given little to no details won’t stop people from theorising.

We’ll go through some of the most common theories people have on Gregory’s identity.

Living within the Pizza Plex?

One theory suggests that Gregory actually lived inside the Pizza Plex. As we know he’s homeless, he might have instead taken refuge inside the entertainment venue. Many back-end rooms all across the building have rooms with an assortment of things that look as though they belong to a child. Drawings, clothing and even more have been splayed out in these various rooms. Something that, by all means, shouldn’t be there normally.

Perhaps he came to the Pizza Plex when he had no where else to go, and chose to call it his home. It would certainly explain his casual attitude to the place. But this theory does have quite a few holes, so might not be very likely.

The Pizza Plex disappearances

A personal favourite of mine. The more you explore the Pizza Plex, the more you learn about various suspicious and strange events happening there. First of all, many places of the Pizza Plex don’t even look finished, or even as though they’re in use often. This has lead to some believing that the Pizza Plex isn’t even open anymore. But either way, via some messages you can find throughout the game, you learn about something going on underground, beneath the Plex. Which we later discover is linked to Springtrap’s return.

A backstage tour of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex in Five Nights  Freddy's: Security Breach – PlayStation.Blog

But we also learn that members of staff have started to go missing. Vanessa’s therapist, for example, three of her therapists went missing, one of which was found dead. A message was even sent out to staff members to attend a party at 11:30pm. A very strange time to host a work party without it looking insanely suspicious.

And, thanks to the Bad Ending, we know that the Plex is the centre of various disappearances. But these disappearances aren’t just children, like the previous games have been. Perhaps one or both of Gregory’s parents worked at the Pizza Plex. This could explain his Fazbear shoes, a gift from their place of work? It might also explain why Gregory is here in the first place, and why he doesn’t have any guest record? Because he can’t enter or pay the entry fee without a legal guardian there. So he had to sneak in, and he did that with Freddy’s help.

This could explain why Gregory is here, and what he’s planning on doing. One or both of his parents were victims of Vanny or other, and he wanted to try and help/solve the mystery.

Secret Robot Gregory

I don’t have much evidence to back up this theory by myself. So I’ll let mister Matthew Patrick take it away. It may not be the most convincing theory out there but it’s certainly a fun one nonetheless.

If you have any theories, let us know! That’s what the FNAF game is all about, really? Coming together and trying to solve these mysteries!

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