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Who is Jega ‘Rdomnai in Halo Infinite?

Everything you need to know about The Banished.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:19 pm
Who is Jega ‘Rdomnai in Halo Infinite?

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One of the most surprising Halo Infinite reveals in the most recent campaign video was the existence of Jega ‘Rdomnai, a fearsome looking warrior with dual energy swords. Players have understandably wanted to know everything they can about the character since, so we’ve looked into it for you. Here’s everything we’ve learned about The Banished’s very own alien blademaster.

Jega ‘Rdomnai is one of the Sangheili, an alien race previously known as “Elites” to the humans of the UNSC due to their combat prowess and stature during the Human-Covenant War that took place between 2525 and 2552.

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Demon Hunter

Jega ‘Rdomnai is feared and respected among the people of the Banished. Very few people actually know Jega’s origin, and none of them dare to share it. There are rumors that he is some sort of outcast or experiment. ‘Rdomnai was the very first recruit into a group called the Hand of Atriox and will use his experience in hunting the human “demons” (Spartans) to be a source of trouble for Master Chief in Halo Infinite’s coming conflict. 

Who are Atriox and The Banished in Halo Infinte?

Atriox Execution Halo Wars 2

Atriox is a character that has made several appearances in the Halo series. The Jiralhanae soldier was born into the Covenant, where he served in their army as one of their “Brutes” until 2549. When the religious cult attempted to execute the warrior due to the cult of personality growing around him with each mission, he killed his executioner and inspired a revolt among his kind. This quickly led to the creation of a splinter faction known as The Banished, who attacked UNSC and Covenant forces alike. 

The Banished started out as a smaller group of raiders and pirates, but grew massively in scope as they took control of the units and installations left behind by Covenant after the war was brought to an end by the Humans and the Sangheili in 2552. They were a group made up of many species, even including some Humans that agreed with his way of life, despite objections from other Jiralhanae like War Chief Escharum. 

In Halo Infinite, War Chief Escharum has taken over Installation 07 and intends to remove the human race from the universe with the power of the technology the Forerunners have left behind. Players will take control of Master Chief John-117 and attempt to stop the alien from committing genocide. A team up with Atriox may happen in the new game, as Atriox has been known to believe that genocide was “barbarism” with “no reward”.

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