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Will GTA 6 Have Online Multiplayer?

Worried about multiplayer in GTA 6? We have answers.

Updated: Sep 30, 2022 12:17 pm
GTA 5 Screenshot of Heist Mode

We all know GTA will be online, but will GTA 6 have online multiplayer?

Due to recent leaks in September of 2022, we have been able to better understand how GTA 6 will look.

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Grand Theft Auto has always been popular not just for the story but also for its infamous online multiplayer mode.

Here we take a look at what multiplayer will look like in GTA 6.

Will GTA 6 Have Online Multiplayer?

Yes, it is pretty clear that GTA 6 will have online multiplayer. Grand Theft Auto, for years, has been known to be an online game to play with others across the world (or region).

GTA Online is the majority of Grand Theft Auto gameplay, and it would not make sense for Rockstar to make GTA solely single-player, losing most of their fan base. 

There have been leaks of locations on the Online Multiplayer map of GTA 6 as well, clearly showing the game to be multiplayer in the future. The real question might be if GTA 6 is cross-platform for a much broader experience for all GTA online players. 

There have also been high speculations that the Online Multiplayer will be bigger and more emphasized than the main story of GTA 6, as Rockstar has mentioned that they will add more to the Online and more as time passes. Similar to GTA 5, we expect the same for GTA 6.

What Happens to GTA Online?

So we can be pretty sure that GTA online isn’t going anywhere. As we stated above, it’s been one of Rockstar’s most successful gaming properties for over a decade at this point.

What we don’t know, is exactly how the release of GTA 6 is going to affect GTA O. Will there be a huge glut of new content? Will we get GTA online 2.0?

We can at least assume that the new online mode will feature the new map from GTA 6. Remember, the map for 6 is supposed to be quite a lot bigger than the one for 5, so this could mean GTAO will be even bigger and better than ever before.

Game modes including multiplayer are a top priority for Rockstar developers, so expect amazing modes that are multiplayer-based. 

Will GTA 6 Have Online Multiplayer FAQs

Will GTA 6 Have Online Multiplayer?

We can be confident that GTA 6 will feature an online mode, though we don’t know exactly what it’ll look like just yet.

With GTA Online being so successful, it seems highly unlikely that Rockstar are going to burn it to the ground for GTA 6.

What Happens to GTA Online?

We don’t actually know how GTA 6 is going to affect GTA online, other than the fact that it’s unlikely to cause it to shut down.

Chances are that the new map from GTA 6 is going to be added to GTA Online, making it much bigger and more detailed than ever before. However, until Rockstar gives us more details, we’re sort of left just guessing.

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