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Best skills in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Some of the best skills in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands including action skills!

Updated: May 6, 2022 1:44 pm
Best skills in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

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There are a lot of great skills in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. I figured to make a list of some of the best skills in the game. I will go over one passive skill per character, the best feat and best action skill. It is all subjective so just let me know if you think there are some other skills I missed.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Skills

Best Action Skill – Barrage

The Fatemaker summons an Ethereal Bow, firing 7 arrows that deal Ability Damage on impact. Arrows ricochet twice between nearby enemies. Barrage has multiple charges. Increases to Gun Damage apply to damage dealt by Barrage.

I think Barrage is a great action skill, because it has multiple charges and a fairly short cooldown which makes it very easy to activate any Enchantments that work on Action Skill Start or Action Skill End.

Best Feat – Dirty Fighting

The Fatemaker’s Critical Hit Chance is increased.

It is a very simple Class Feat, most of the other rely either on a specific playstyle like companions or spells and this is very straight forward and powerful in my opinion.

Best Skills Wonderlands
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Best Passive Skills in Wonderlands

Graveborn – Faithful Thralls

The Fatemaker deals Bonus Damage for every Companion they have. Companion Respawn Rate is increased.

This can stack infinitely. You can get over 10 companions in certain situations and almost double your damage.

Spore Warden – Spore Cloud

Your Mushroom Companion will occasionally let one rip, Taunting enemies and leaving a Poison Cloud that deals damage over time.

This is a one-point skill and for only one point it is worth it. It is one of the best survivability skills in the game imo. You can get all the aggro from yourself to your Mushroom Companion and in a game like that it can be game changing.

Spellshot – Mage Armor

Whenever the Fatemaker gains a stack of Spellweaving they restore a portion of their Ward.

Awesome survivability skill for every spell user. It is very easy to get stacks by just using spells and reloading your weapon.

Clawbringer – Dragon Aura

The Fatemaker is surrounded by a Dragon Aura that grants themselves and all allies inside it increased Elemental Damage.

I personally treat Clawbringer as more of a supportive character that is awesome in a cooperative play. That is why my favorite skill is the one that boosts elemental damage of your entire party if they are nearby.

Brr-Zerker – The Old Ways

The Fatemaker deals Bonus Damage and gains increased Damage Reduction the closer they are to the enemy. The closer the enemy is, the greater the bonus.

An awesome skill for every aggressive player out there. If you want to be up close, make it personal.

Stabbomancer – Swift Death

While moving, the Fatemaker gains increased Damage Dealt. The faster the Fatemaker moves, the greater these bonuses.

I love being mobile in my games, so this skill is perfect from me. In combination with Elusive that allows you to spring and shoot it is a very good skill and the damage increase is also huge.

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