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Top 5 Spore Warden skills in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

What are the best skills for Spore Warden in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands?

Updated: May 6, 2022 1:43 pm
Spore Warden Wonderlands

There are a lot of great skills in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. I figured to make a list of some of the best skills in the game for Spore Warden. I will go over five passive skills and best action skill. It is all subjective so just let me know if you think there are some other skills I missed.

Note! These skills are listed in no particular order. Number one is not necessarily the best one. The order is completely random. Enjoy!

Best Spore Warden Skills in Wonderlands

Action Skill – Barrage

The Fatemaker summons an Ethereal Bow, firing 7 arrows that deal Ability Damage on impact. Arrows ricochet twice between nearby enemies. Barrage has multiple charges. Increases to Gun Damage apply to damage dealt by Barrage.

Barrage is a great skill, especially if you want to spam your skill to activate any Enchantment to enhance your build. The overall damage of Barrage is decent, but out of the two I think the ability to activate this skill more often does the job here. It feels almost like a second spell instead of a skill, and it comes very natural using it.

Passive Skill #5

Eagle Eye

Gun Damage is increased. Gun Handling is increased.

One of the best Tier 1 skills in the game for sure. You need this pickup for early game, but it is still a great bonus to have later on. One of the biggest damage bonuses you can get heading into the early game.

Passive Skill #4

Spore Cloud

Your Mushroom Companion will occasionally let one rip, Taunting enemies and leaving a Poison Cloud that deals damage over time.

My favorite skill in the game because it has Borderland’s essence as well as usability. It helps you survive more, but the skill itself is kind of a joke. Perfection.

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Passive Skill #3

Medicinal Mushroom

While the Fatemaker is in Save Your Soul, their Mushroom Companion will attempt to revive them. If it does, you and your Companion gain increased damage dealt for a duration.

I loved playing as FL4K throughout my time in Borderlands 3 and I often played alone. Having a companion that can pick you up is a must in my opinion. Especially when there are several instances where I died after killing all the enemies by a barrel or a Chaos modifier that still worked after finishing the encounter.

Passive Skill #2

Play the Angles

The Fatemaker’s Gun Critical Hits have a chance to Ricochet, dealing reduced Ability Damage to a nearby enemy. Ricocheted shots have a small chance to ricochet an additional time.

It’s the capstone for Spore Warden, and it has great synergy with Stabbomancer Action Skill as well as Blackpowder (Jakobs) weapons. Awesome Crit/Ricochet build potential.

Passive Skill #1


Gun Damage dealt to Critical Hit Areas is increased.

In late game this skill is very helpful. You rely more heavily on Critical Damage than ever before in the Borderlands franchise and having 25% boost into that damage is insanely good.

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