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Is World of Warcraft Down? – World of Warcraft Server Status

Get the scoop on the WoW Server status.

Updated: May 11, 2023 6:37 pm
Is World of Warcraft Down? – World of Warcraft Server Status

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Yes. There are currently problems with WOW (11/05/23) at 18.32 BST / 1.32pm CT. Reports from Down Detector are showing World of Warcraft is down, leaving players unable to log into the game. There have been a few instances today of users reporting issues with the WOW servers.

While it’s unclear exactly what the initial issue may be, for the time being at least, the WoW server is down. Whether you’re facing lag, trouble accessing WoW Dragonflight, or other Blizzard games, it could all be answered quickly.

Below we have answers to fix any issues you have accessing the Dragon Isles.

Are the servers for World of Warcraft down?

It appears that World of Warcraft is down for the moment. Players are reporting they are unable to log into the MMO and it may be due to an issue with Blizzard’s authentication servers. As a result, players may experience a failed or slow login attempt. Earlier this month, on May 5, 2023, at 2:55pm CDT, several players stated they are unable to enter the game. A post from the official Activision Blizzard Entertainment North America Customer Support team says they are investigating and will report back once a solution has been reached.

While it may not be the underlying problem, players have run into a familiar error in the past. Error code WoW51900118 prevents anyone from logging into Blizzard game servers.

How do you check World of Warcraft’s server status?

There are two ways to check the status of the World of Warcraft servers. There are three things to check:

  • Social Media
  • Realm Status
  • World Server status

Check status updates on social media

Blizzard’s customer support account on Twitter will always post whenever there’s a server outage or maintenance. In addition to sharing details about maintenance or server downtime, the account also lets the fans know when the servers come back online. You can follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for updates.

Check your realm status and servers

If you ever find that your specific server is having issues, you can check to see your realm’s status on World of Warcraft’s official realm status page.

The comprehensive list shows every WoW realm across all regions. You can filter for your region and game as well as easily search for your realm by using a search function at the top of the list. A green checkmark next to your server’s name implies that it is online, while a red X means that the realm is offline.

Regardless of whether you’re in Europe or the US, your server is on this list.

What Causes WoW Outages?

As with any online game, there are various different things that could be causing the issue. Servers require maintenance, sometimes weaknesses get exploited, and occasionally there is just a simple case of human error. A server shutdown may be needed to fix an issue.

Below, we’ve listed the most likely causes of an issue, and if there’s anything you can do to confirm one way or another.

Server Maintenance

WoW servers often require scheduled maintenance, and during these times, the game itself will not be available to play. That said, it’s also pretty easy to figure out if the game is in a period of scheduled maintenance or not.

Just go to the Official Blizzard Support site and check for a message at the top of the screen that goes something like this:

  • Breaking News: This week’s maintenance schedule

Click on it, and you should have a list of the times that WoW is expected to be down each week. If it’s not currently one of those times, then it’s not scheduled maintenance.

Server Attacked/Error

A lot of people have strong feelings about Activision/Blizzard, and that can lead to some of those people trying to DDoS or otherwise raid and attack WoW servers. These sorts of attacks are pretty rare, but they sort of fall under the same banner as server errors.

The biggest victim of this attack is normally the player who supports Blizzard’s video games.

If you’ve cleared the above possibility of server maintenance, check the official WoW Support twitter account for your region. These typically tweet out the causes of unexpected server downtime, so it’s a great resource if you’re struggling to figure out what is going on.

There would be issues with Hearthstone, Diablo III, and Diablo Immortal if this was the case.

Client Error

If all other possibilities have been illuminated, it’s highly likely that your problems connecting are coming from you or your PC, not Blizzard. Check your internet connection and router to make sure you don’t have WoW blocked in your firewall, and ensure your game is up to date.

If, after doing all of these things it’s still busted, you’ll need to submit a support ticket to Blizzard and hope that they can fix your issue.

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Is World of Warcraft Down FAQs

Why is World of Warcraft not working?

There are a few major reasons why WoW might be experiencing server issues:

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Server Attack or Bug
  • Client-Side Issues

How long are servers down for WoW?

During scheduled maintenance, the servers can go down for up to an hour, though it’s usually much less.

In other cases, it’s much harder to gauge when the servers will return. It depends on the complexity of the issue that caused the servers to go down in the first place.

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