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How to get the Mistaken Ovoid WoW treasure

Lets fill up that empty egg carton of yours.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022 1:51 pm
How to get the Mistaken Ovoid WoW treasure

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WoW’s 9.2 patch is now live, with players getting the chance to head to the new zone filled with new content. One of the things players are stumbling upon is the Mistaken Ovoid WoW achievement progress. It’s the First One’s way of joking about which came first, the chicken or the egg. Let’s solve this riddle so you can make your way through the Treasures of Zereth Mortis achievement and get a quest to get yourself a pet robot chicken.

Before you get going, there is a robot hen that is perched on a nest at 53, 72. We highly recommend grabbing yourself a TomTom, coordinates, or Tom Cats addon to make this treasure hunt easier to track. TomTom or TomCats will make your life easier, as you can open your map and find the Mistaken Ovoids location in-game. Note, since the patch has gone live, there is no guarantee that some are accurate as Blizzard may have changed a few between the PTR going down and the patch going live.

It is also worth mentioning you need to collect at least five Mistaken Ovoids to get the hen off the nest. You can return to the hen when you have five and reap the rewards. Below you can find a list of known Ovoids.

Where are WoW’s Mistaken Ovoids?

Throughout the zone of Zereth Moris, you may come across tiny eggs scattered around. They are fairly hard to see and tend to be tucked into foliage, or in those weird sphere-shaped things with patterns. To make it easier to spot them, we have provided a list of coordinates of the Mistaken Ovoid eggs we are aware of, which you can collect to complete the challenge.

  • 35, 45 – On a hexagon at the side of the lake with a robot picking up some form of nut.
  • 35, 48 – On a dirt mound inside a cave.
  • 40, 63 – On a bird’s nest.
  • 40, 72 – Inside a hole in one of those sphere things.
  • 42, 85 – Inside a hole in the sphere facing the cliff’s edge.
  • 45, 76 – Another sphere hole.
  • 48, 73 – On the ground in foliage.
  • 49, 71 – On a hexagon ledge by the lake, under some mossy orange ball.
  • 53, 64 – Inside a sphere hole.
  • 60, 75 – Inside another hole covered with moss.

Most are fairly close together. We recommend heading over to the bottom left of the map near Haven, moving to the stone ring edge for the bird nest one and them, and then advancing northward towards Exile’s Hollow for the final few. There are also a few down and near Catalyst Garden if you’re in that area.

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