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How to get the WoW Drowned Broker Supplies

Lets do the Brokers a favour once again.

Updated: Feb 27, 2022 7:26 pm
How to get the WoW Drowned Broker Supplies

The recent WoW 9.2 patch content has quite a few interesting adventures to go on. Some of them involve rescuing treasure chests from whatever unfortunate trick the First One’s played on them. One is stuck under a landslide, while the Drowned Broker Supplies is in a lake you actually can’t dive down. So, how do you get the Drowned Broker Supplies in the latest WoW patch?

The first thing you want to do is play through the patch’s story. You will get a ‘Summon Pocopoc’ zone-wide skill when you do your research, which you’ll also need the coreless research unlocked. This is a crucial part of the puzzle, so work on your questline before attempting it. Once you have your Pocopoc companion, you may move on with the puzzle, especially when it is off cooldown.

How to retrieve the Drowned Broker Supplies

WoW Drowned Broker Supplies

Once you’re at that point, you need to head over to 34, 70. We recommend getting yourself a coordinates addon, such as TomTom or Tom Cats Tour if you don’t already. This way, you can find the exact location you need to complete this Zereth Mortis treasure hunt.

Now that you’re at 34, 70, you can find a machine called the Coreless Creature. This is the key to getting under the water, where the Drowned Broker Supplies are. You can’t sim down there, because players are Jesus incarnate here, and simply walk across it. To activate the Coreless Creature, summon Pocopoc, and ask him to find objects of interest. This enables the Coreless Creature, which you can interact with while it is beached. Press the option that makes Poco spend some of his energy. This enables the creature to go underwater, thus retrieving your Drowned Broker Supplies for you.

By the way, we figured it is worth mentioning this area is teeming with other treasures, such as the Mistaken Ovoids. The zone is very active with treasures, making the treasure box feature that has been in the game since WoD much more interesting than usual. Good luck out there and make Harrison Jones proud.

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