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The new WoW expansion leak is the WoW Dragonflight expansion title

Will we see the Dragonflight name appear on April 19?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022 1:44 pm
WoW Expansion Leak Dragonflight

It is that time again for yet another WoW expansion leak. However, this one comes from the horse’s mouth. It appears that some messing around on a site’s HTML browser uncovered the name Dragonflight from the World of Warcraft website itself.

What is interesting about this leak is that this is likely the name of the expansion or at least a codename of the expansion due to get announced this month. While there is no information, or any other text about the expansion available, what it does mean is that we are very, very likely to get a Dragon Isles related expansion.

It’s very interesting, considering the recent leaks have pointed towards the Dragon Isles as a centrepiece of the next expansion. While it was easy to dismiss the leaks as mere leaks, there has been some ruffling in the WoW lore for dragons for the last few expansions. We have had more references to the Red Dragons under attack from Twilight Dragons in BFA. Meanwhile, we got more story progress on the Green Dragons with Ysera and her daughter in shadowlands. Not to mention the DK and Bolvar were very adamant on resurrecting dead dragons in Legion as part of the class order mount. So, there are certainly lots of plots to tie into. Oh, and we know more on the Black Dragons, with Ebonhorn a player ally and Wrathion being a key character that helped to end Nzoth.

Moreso, we are aware time does move slowly in the Shadowlands, meaning that Azeroth will have aged quite a bit. Dragons do love a bit of time-related factors too, such s as the Golden Dragons and the Infinite Dragons. So, there could be some messing around going on there too. 

With all these plot points and how these can all directly tie into the Shadowlands, there is certainly a high probability we get dragon-related content, with more information on that come April 19. The only question is, what features do the dragons take shape in, as that is the part that remains the mystery.

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