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WoW Shadowlands Hotfix patches out Priest bugs

WoW has put in a 9.1.5 hotfix to fix shadow priests and the Pallid Command Runecarving power.

Updated: Dec 2, 2021 10:29 am
WoW Shadowlands Hotfix patches out Priest bugs

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World of Warcraft 9.1.5 got a fresh patch update on December 1. While it’s no big patch, it has addressed a few Priest related bugs, helping to fix the class in its relation to the Pallid command trait. Below you’ll find the actual WoW patch notes relating to the 9.1.5 hotfix.

WoW Hotfix 9.1.5

As mentioned, the WoW 9.1.5 Hotfix is mainly just patch notes containing fixes to Priests. There is a general fix for the priest, which address general interaction with the Pallid Command (Runecarving passive) not triggering as intended on the cast. Moreso, there are two new fixes specifically targeting the Shadow Priest interactions. One of the fixes is relating to the two rattling mages from the Pallid Commander not spawning intentionally. Meanwhile, the Pallid Commander aura was not cancelling correctly as the effect would fault to expire the summoned Rattling Mages (when they did spawn).

Other than that, there is nothing else going on with the patch. The game is rather quieter right now, with most of the game testing going.

What is Pallid Commander?

Pallid Commander is a priest related Runecarving Power that allows the Priest to deal with unholy magics. The Shadow Priest gets the opportunity to summon two Rattling Mages when the Unholy Nove spell is cast. These Rattling Mages serve the priest for 20 seconds, before the anima around their boney bodies collapsed, sending them back to the grave that is Shadowlands.

The hotfix was specifically targeted towards Shadow Priests because it is this spec that summons the skeletons. The other two specs, Holy and Disc have a different mechanic that affects their healing output instead, and therefore, do not suffer the same bugged mechanics that Shadow Priests do.

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