WoW TBC Brewfest Guide – TBC Corin Direbrew

Here is a WoW TBC Brewfest Guide, along with info on the TBC Brewfest Trinkets, TBC Corin Direbrew strats and more.

WoW TBC Brewfest Guide
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World of Warcraft’s wonderful Octoberfest themed holiday is back. WoW TBC Brewfest is here for the first time on classic servers, allowing players to jump in with the debauchery goodness. You can earn breakfast tokens throughout the event, allowing you to buy gear and other novelty items. You can also do your daily Corin Direbrew, with a chance to get the lucrative Direbrew collectables.

Are you looking forward to this seasons festivities, whether it is the daily or the dungeon? If you are, you’ll find a guide on the WoW TBC Brewfest and Corin Direbrew below!

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WoW TBC Brewfest Start time

  • The WoW TBC Brewfest event starts on September 20 per your region’s reset time.
  • The WoW TBC Brewfest event October 4, giving you two weeks to get involved with the Brewfest festivities.


Once the Brewfest event has gone live, you can head over to any of your faction’s major cities and get a quest taking you to Ironforge or Orgrimmar, depending on your faction. Alternatively, you can head directly to the quest hubs outside the city walls of Ironforge and Orgrimmar to collect the quest ‘Welcome to Brewfest’. The quest is important, as it allows you to begin getting your dailies, along with visiting the all-important Corin Direbrew for the sweet purple pixels.

Oh, it is worth noting the Brewfest Enthusiast buff is back, which grants a two-hour experience buff to those waiting at the Brewfest hubs at 6 AM and 6 PM server time.

WoW TBC Brewfest Guide

The core of the WoW TBC Brewfest event is to get yourself some fun dailies, along with the opportunity to do your daily Corin Direbrew quest (more on this below). While you are out there doing your Brewfest dailies, you will earn Beefest tokens, a unique currency for the vent that allows you to buy new items. You can get items like beer goggles and clothing so you can play dress up and mess around with friends.

  • Brewfest hats (Brown, Purple, Green, Blue versions) – 50 Tokens.
  • Brewfest Regelai / Dress – 200 Tokens.
  • Brewfest Shoes – 100 Tokens.
  • Beer Goggles – 100 Tokens

You may also subscribe to the Brew of the Month Club, which gets you a unique drink in your inbox every month. Moreso, you can get the yearly vintage stein reward.

Brewfest Quests and Daily Quests

  • Bark for… – Interact with different rival breweries and bark.
  • Catch the Wild Wolpertinger – Catch the Wild Wolpertinger and get a non-combat pet.
  • Chug and Chuck – Loot a sampler and chuck it at S.T.O.U.T five times to collect your reward.
  • Help Moving Kegs – A repeatable There and Back Again for significantly fewer tokens.
  • Pink Elekks on Parade – head to different faction cities and get drunk. Find the purple Elekks and interact with them… hic.
  • Ram Racing – Learn how to control a Brewfest mount’s speed. Unlocks the There and Back Again.
  • Save Brewfest – Speak to the Brewfest Spy in Blackrock Depths and then kill Corin Direbrew.
  • There and Back Again – Ride a Brewfest mount and collect kegs within the time limit.
  • This one time, when I was drunk – Available after the Dark Iron Dwarf invasions

Corin Direbrew TBC Guide

WoW TBC Brewfest Mounts
Corin Direbrew has the chance to drop two holiday exclusive mounts.

Corin Direebre is the ultimate goal of the WoW TBC Brewfest event. The boss offers players several handy trinkets, perfect for TBC alts at level 70. The Grim Guzzler also drops a great dagger for Rogues, but Fury Warriors may use it too if they have nothing else going for them. There is also a chance at the Direbrew’s Remote, which instantly teleports your party to the Grim Guzzler. Lastly, there is the opportunity to loot the Brewfest Kodo and Brefeest Ram, which are limited versions of the Tauren and Dwarf mounts. It is also one of the only opportunities for the opposite faction to get what is traditionally an alliance and horde exclusive mount type.

  • Direbrew Shanker -One-handed dagger with +19 agility, +18 stamina and 36 bonus attack power.
  • Direbrew’s Remote – Gives your party a ride to the Grim Guzzler. Perfect for getting a fast track to the Corin Direbrew boss to complete your Brewfest daily.
  • Brewfest Kodo.
  • Brewfest Ram.


On a final note, Corin Direbrew drops some pretty incredible trinkets, which are great catch-up trinkets, which are fairly similar to the WoW TBC summer event trinkets from Lord Ahune.

WoW TBC Brewfest Trinkets

As alluded to, here are all the fantastic catch-up TBC Brewfest Trinkets you can get for your alts (or main if your loot council is mean to you).

WoW TBC Brewfest Trinkets Stats
Corin’s Lucky Coin Equip: +59 Block

Use: Increases the Block Value of your shield by 200 for 20 seconds. (2 min CD)

Brightbrew Charm Equip: +45 Stamina

Use: Right Click the summon the Brewmaiden whose very presence bolsters a party’s vigor. Wave at her for Brewfest Brew. (10 min CD).

Empty Mug of Direbrew Equip: Increases Attack Power by 72.

Use: Increases Attack Power by 278 for 20 seconds. (2 min CD)

Dark Iron Smoking Pipe Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by 43.

Use: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by 155 for 20 seconds. (2 min CD)

Direbrew Hops Equip: Increases healing done by up to 84 and damage done by 28 for all spells and magical effects.

Use: Increases healing done by up to 297 and damage done by 99 for all spells and magical effects for 20 seconds. (2 min CD)

Balebrew Charm Equip: +45 Stamina

Use: Richt Click to summon the Brewmaiden, who will smite your foes with empty tankards. Wave at her for Brewfest Brew! (10 min CD)

How to get to Corin Direbrew

To start the Corin Direbrew encounter, you will need to head to Black Rock Depths (BRD). Once inside the dungeon entrance, head towards the Dark Iron Mole Machine on your immediate right and take a trip to the Grim Guzzler. However, you will need to fight some mobs before you can access the mole machine. Alternatively, you can have someone in your party use the Direbrew Remote to take you and your party directly to the Corin Direbrew encounter.

Don’t forget to speak to the Brewfest Spy to hand in your daily quest. Then head over to Corin Direbrew in the room on the left-hand side of the Grim Guzzler room, away from all the merry patrons. Have your tank speak to Corin Direbrew and insult him to begin the fight.

Corin Direbrew Tactics

When the boss is aggroed, the tank will need to grab the rest of the adds while the DPS cleave the trash down or nuke one after the other. Once the trash is dead, proceed to kill Corin Direbrew, switching to any adds that spawn. You can prioritize the maidens here if you wish as they are the ones who throw tankards that can stun your allies.

Throughout the fight, more trash will spawn, which can be crowd controlled by almost every CC in the game. Just be careful not to fear them out of the room and have many level 60s join the now Roadhouse bar brawl. When the boss gets low, you can continue to focus the boss. When Corin dies, the adds will despawn, allowing you to loot the boss and reap your rewards.

This concludes our WoW TBC Brewfest guide. You now know what drops in the TBC Corin Direbrew fight, along with all the quests and other goodies associated with the Brewfest event.