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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – What is it?

Should you pay out $14.99 every month for the Ultimate Xbox experience?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:18 pm
xbox game pass ultimate what is it

With a number of options to choose from for the Xbox Game Pass, we take a look at the Game Pass Ultimate, what you get for your money and how it compares to the Game Pass.

Game Pass Ultimate – How much does it cost?

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the highest priced Xbox subscription service, but you get the most for your money. The Ultimate is priced at $14.99/£10.99/€12.99, but you can get your first month for just $1/£1/€1 if you are a first-time subscriber.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – What does it include?

what is xbox game pass ultimate

Game Pass Library

Though this is the same on all forms of the Xbox Game Pass, it is the main attraction. An expansive library of over 100 games, all downloadable and playable for free. The difference with Ultimate is that you can download and play them across Xbox console, Windows PC and mobile devices. The list of games is updated all the time, with exciting recent releases including Marvel Avengers, Scarlet Nexus and the Halo: Master Chief Collection. Explore the full library on the official Xbox website.

Cross-platform and Cloud gaming

Unlike the Game Pass for either PC or console, your Game Pass Ultimate access will span both console and PC, so if you game on both, you can make the most of your subscription on both, too. As well as console and PC, you’ll be able to make use of your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on tablets and phones with cloud gaming included, whilst also keeping your progress saved between devices. Cloud gaming is currently available on PC and mobile devices, either through a browser at xbox.com, the Xbox Game Pass mobile app, or the Xbox app for Windows PC. Cloud gaming is coming to Xbox consoles in November 2021. You’ll need a compatible controller to play on mobile devices, which could be an Xbox Wireless Controller, a Dualshock 4 Wireless controller or Backbone One. For a full list of approved controllers, see Xbox’s support page.

Xbox Live Gold

Your Ultimate subscription also includes the cost of Xbox Live Gold, so you don’t have to worry about paying for both services separately. And at a combined cost of $24.98/£18.98 for both Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Console (you don’t need Gold if you’re only gaming on PC), it’s a no-brainer to go for Ultimate if you’re looking to get access to both services. Don’t forget, Gold also includes four free Games with Gold every month as well. And these ones are for keeps.

EA Play

xbox game pass ultimate ea play

Exclusive to Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass PC, you will also have access to EA Play, so yet another library of games to choose from… as if there aren’t enough to keep you occupied already. As well as a whole host of existing games to play with, EA Play offers 10 hours of gameplay on brand-new titles – before they are even released. Do bear in mind, though, that you will have to choose whether to use your EA Play account on your console or your PC as you can’t have it on both.

EA Play also gets you access to some exciting, in-game Member benefits for your favorite EA games. This generally consists of exclusive cosmetic items, but can sometimes even include bonus XP and events.

Day one titles

While this is a feature of all Game Pass options, it’s still a pretty exciting one. Most new Xbox Studios and Bethesda titles will be playable, for free, on Xbox Game Pass on their day of release. You might also see the odd third-party blockbuster on day one. This means you won’t miss a minute of the action on the latest releases, without buying the game outright. Some of the next titles coming to Game Pass PC on day one are Forza Horizon 5, coming November 9th; and Halo Infinite on December 8th, 2021. Currently, you can play the brand new Back 4 Blood with a Game Pass.

Is Game Pass Ultimate for me?

xbox game pass ultimate how much does it cost

The Game Pass Ultimate is for you if you will make use of the library of games as well as Xbox Live Gold on console only or console and PC.

If you play on PC only, you can get Game Pass PC for $9.99/£7.99 a month which still includes Game Pass games, day one gameplay, member discounts and EA Play. As you don’t need Gold to play exclusively on PC, it’s not included in Game Pass PC. This means you won’t get Games with Gold, and cloud gaming isn’t included either. If both of those are worth an extra $5/£3 a month to you, then go for Ultimate.

If you play exclusively on console, it’s probably worth getting Ultimate. Though there is a Game Pass for console only, it’s $9.99/£7.99 just for access to the library of games. No Gold, no EA Play and no cloud gaming. Unless you exclusively play free-to-play titles, you’ll need Gold, so you’ll save money with the Ultimate pass.

How to cancel Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

If you want to cancel your Xbox Game Pass Subscription, you simply need to log in to your Microsoft account on your PC/mobile device browser.

  • Log in to Microsoft account
  • Navigate to Subscriptions and Services tab
  • Locate ‘Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’ and click Manage
  • Click Cancel Subscription

Note that if you have obtained your Xbox Game Pass through an offer with a third-party company, such as your internet provider, you may need to cancel Xbox Game Pass directly through them.

Turn off recurring billing

If you’re not ready to commit to canceling altogether, automatic monthly billing can be deactivated within your Microsoft account as well. Simply follow the same steps as canceling your account. However, instead of Cancel Subscription, click Turn off recurring billing, which should be just underneath.

If this option is not available, you probably already have recurring billing turned off.

Turning recurring billing off does mean that you will need to remember to manually activate your subscription for every month you want it.

Resubscribe to Xbox Game Pass

You can also resubscribe through your Microsoft Services and Subscriptions page by locating your Xbox Game Pass in Canceled subscriptions, and clicking Resubscribe.

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