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Xbox One backward compatibility 2022 guide

Here is the state of the Xbox One backward compatibility feature in 2022.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022 5:35 pm
Xbox One X

Microsoft is all-in on the hype behind backward compatibility, offering gamers the chance to play old games. While the Xbox 360 had elements of this, the Xbox One capitalized on the feature the most. Now, the Xbox Series X|S is going beyond what Xbox One, by expanding it even more, such as the extra 76 additions Microsoft revealed back in November 2021.

However, with the focus shifting to the Xbox Series X|S, where does that leave the state of the Xbox One compatibility in 2022? That answer is largely the same as 2021, with a few twists. The first twist is that Microsoft recently revealed that they are not going to produce anymore Xbox One’s focusing solely on the current-gen Xbox Series X|S, getting gamers up to speed with the latest tech. Tom Warren first broke the news at The Verge. So, don’t expect the Xbox One backward compatibility feature to be as amazing in 2022.

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The state of Xbox One backward compatibility in 2022

Take your minds back to 2019. Microsoft said it wouldn’t do any more original Xbox backwards compatibility. The November additions indicated some Xbox originals are worth saving and bringing to current-gen consoles. There were 76 games, 20 of which were OG Xbox games. Every game in the 76 new additions is eligible for the Xbox One and Series X|S compatibility list. The list includes games like TimeSplitters, Max Payne and Red Dead Revolver.

As for the tech of these games, it appears that the upscaling is not as great at the Series X|S. The recent November additions got a four-fold resolution increase on the Series X and a three-fold increase on the Series S. Meanwhile, the Xbox One can only support a two-fold increase. See what we mean when we say the Xbox One is no longer the ideal home of backward compatibility.

Where to find a Xbox One backward compatibility list of games

If you head over to Major Nelson.com, you’ll find all the games you can play on the Xbox One compatibility list for 2022. It includes every game that is backward compatible enabled and the date it became available. However, there are no new Xbox One backwards compatible games in 2022 (as of the time of writing), with the most recent being at the Xbox 20th anniversary announcement back in November 2021, which we mentioned above.

Please note, this list includes all the original Xbox and 360 backward compatible games for the Xbox Series X|S as well.

The Xbox One’s compatibility to the Series X|S

Are you considering switching over from the Xbox One to the Series X|S? It is worth mentioning that any game with Xbox One backward compatibility works for the newer consoles. This is good news if you have a big log of old school games, whether that be disc or digital. Note, if you upgrade to the Series S, you’ll need to play digital games with backward compatibility, as the console lacks a disc tray. If you have a big physical game library, you’ll more than likely want the Series X.

Also, have you heard of a feature called cross-gen? Cross-gen is a feature that makes it easier for those moving from the Xbox One to Series X|S a lot easier. It means that developers are making it easier to progress an account on a recent live service or fresh release title and carry on when you get round to upgrading. Quite a few live service games, such as Rainbow Six Siege or Battlefield 2042’s cross-gen bundle, makes it a lot easier to transition to the latest console. As we know, the stock for new-gen consoles is rather limited, so it makes it easier to transition your accounts later and not lose out on that progressions over the recent years.

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