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Yugioh Master Duel – All Mates

What are the mates you can get in Yugioh Master Duel?

Updated: Jan 23, 2022 12:04 pm
Rescue Rabbit

The new Yugioh Master Duel game has taken the Yugioh community by storm. Finally, after nearly two years of lockdowns and limited in-person play, this game has reignited the battle flame! Master Duel is proving itself to be a brilliant alternative to playing in-person, in fact it’s even easier and more alluring to some.

Considering the esoteric rules Yugioh has no lack of, the complexity of the card game can be a bit too much for some people. So having an automated system help out by remembering what cards you can use and activate… It’s pretty clear why Master Duel is rising in popularity. Both among the veterans of Yugioh and people who might have stopped playing a few years ago. Only to come back and see just how much the game’s changed, what with Xyzs, synchros and link monsters!

Although, and despite being mechanically useless, one of our favourite parts of Yugioh Master Duel are the Mates. Small ‘tokens’ you can have on the field as your ‘mate’. But you might be wondering which of the Mates are available and how to get them!

How to unlock the Mates in Yugioh Master Duel

There are various ways to unlock the Mates. But usually, you can get them via:

  • Completing missions
  • Buying them in the store (accessories section)
  • Completing the Duel Pass

All the Mates in Yugioh Master Duel

So who are all the mates available in Master Duel? Well thanks to a datamine, we can find all the mates available. Although, it’s worth noting that some are acting as placeholders. So don’t worry, that football won’t be sticking around, it’s just a temporary placeholder for something else!

No description available.
  • Rescue Rabbit
  • Ritual Raven
  • Dark Magician
  • Borreload Dragon
  • Cyber Dragon Infinity
  • Ancient Gear Wyvern
  • Sangan
  • World Chalice Guarddragon
  • Salamangreat Gazelle
  • Pot of Greed (Pog)
  • Ash Blossom of Joyeous Spring
  • Geargiano
  • Karakuri Barrel MDL 96 “Shinkuro”
  • Wightbaking
  • Instant Fusion
  • Noble Arms – Caliburn
  • Book of Moon
  • Qliphort Monolith
  • Scapegoat
  • Bitron
  • Moai Interceptor Canons
  • Mokey Mokey
  • Shard of Greed
  • D/D Ghost

The rest are placeholders! Although there’s been some debate as to which mate is based on which card, we’ve narrowed it down and found all the original cards whom the mates are based on! Remember, none of these mates actually affect the game, they’re purely cosmetic!

3 thoughts on “Yugioh Master Duel – All Mates”

  1. VoiceOfReason

    Hopefully more mates are coming along soon!

    • Maya Hutchinson

      Almost certainly! The ‘football’ and regular items are just placeholders for the time being! Persoanlly, I’d love to see one of the Subterror Behemoths…

      • Connor Spencer

        Give me a Dupe frog one or I will riot

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