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Yugioh Master Duel: How to get 50 bonus card packs

Classic cards for free!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022 9:16 am
Yugioh Master Duel: How to get 50 bonus card packs

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Yugioh Master Duel has only been around for a few days and fans are rushing to try it out. There is no shortage of people to play with and decks to build. Yet for a new player, it can be a little intimidating, stepping into an arena of seasoned card-playing veterans. Thankfully, there are numerous ways of levelling the playing field, the most crucial one being acquiring as many different cards as possible.

With the help of Bonus Packs, Players with access to a PS4 are able to significantly expand their card collection right now. They can even do so if they primarily play on other consoles or PC, as Yugioh Master Duel includes a data transfer tool.

Downloading Pack Tickets

In order to do redeem the Bonus Packs, you need to follow the process outlined below:

First, you must download Yugioh Master Duel to the PS4. Next, you need to link your Konami account to the PS4. If your account is linked to another device, use the in-game data transfer tool to ensure your main account is attached to the PS4. If you play the game on another device, use the in-game transfer tool to have your main account linked to the PS4 during this process.

Once your account is linked, leave the game and enter the Playstation Store. Search for Yugioh Master Duel, and then move to add-ons section on its page. The result you are looking for is Pack Ticket 50. This deal requires a Playstation Plus subscription to access.

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Once redeemed, re-enter Yugioh Master Duel and go to the in-game shop. In the Pack section, scroll down to Bonus Pack, and you will be able to redeem your Pack Tickets. If you play on other devices, feel free to use the transfer tool to re-link your account to those devices. Your bonus packs will now be saved to your main device and can be opened at a time of your choosing.

Bonus Pack Contents

This deal is especially worthwhile, as Pack Tickets are a rare commodity in-game. They cannot be purchased like gems and are unlocked by either completing missions or performing well in online duels. That makes these Bonus packs rarer than even the Secret Packs, at the cost of only containing two cards per pack instead of the standard eight. The cards inside are classics; especially familiar to those that played the trading card game from the beginning, or viewers of the original anime. With those familiar faces in tow, players can aim for the top of the duelling world.

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