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Yugioh Master Duel: How to Unlock Secret Packs

How to the Unlock Yugioh Master Duel Secret packs

Updated: Jan 23, 2022 11:52 pm
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Just like in the regular TCG, Yugioh Master Duel has packs to open. Each one with a selection of cards hidden in the secret packs waiting for you to discover

What is a Secret Pack?

A secret pack contains a curated list of cards from 1 or 2 archetypes connected by a theme. These could share a common theme like being Spellcasters or Zombies. If you want to build an archetype this is a good place to start opening these specific packs massively increases the chances of pulling the cards you need for that killer deck. These packs stay unlocked for 24 hours and must be unlocked again after that time is up.

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The Master Pack

When going onto the Master Duel shop you will see three packs you can buy, Stalwart Force, Revival of Legends, and the Master pack. The Master pack contains most cards in Master Duel, and which ones you get are random. If you have opened packs before you may have noticed a small key appear next to certain cards, these are what unlock your secret packs. Say you open the Master pack and pull a Borrelsword dragon you will unlock “A Shot through Fiction” where you can unlock more Rokket and Borrel cards.

Crafting cards and free packs

When crafting cards you can unlock free secret packs. This unlocks the secret pack for you so you are able to purchase more packs with gems. This means that you don’t need to buy master packs each time you want to start building. Simply get crafting and you can unlock that secret pack.

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