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Yugioh Master Duel Solo Mode Chapters

Master Duel features special Story Modes, but how many chapters are there and what are the rewards?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022 3:54 pm
Master Duel story mode chapters

Master Duel has reignited the passion for the monster-summoning, chain-linking and effect supressing card game. Especially after the lockdown, many players might have been limited their play. Then comes Master Duel, sporting the entire library of Yugioh cards, brand-spanking new animations and a new way to play a beloved game.

Master Duel allows players to play with friends or strangers, but it’s also added something new. Solo mode. Solo mode features a variety of chapters players can play through. Upon completion, players are rewarded with various in-game rewards as well as learning the story behind various archetypes.

It’s easy to gloss over the game’s many archetypes as ‘big monster’ and ‘spell’. But a fair number of the Yugioh archetypes have fun stories tied along their unique playstyle. Whether it’s a story that explains their specific playstyle (huge monsters that lurk underground, face down, and burst up from the ground to unleash their power) or maybe there’s a whole chronicle linked to archetype which stretches across multiple archetypes (Shaddolls, World Legacy, etc…). These Solo modes add a new way to enjoy the game.

Master Duel features a number of Solo Mode chapters. Each paying attention to different archetypes. As the game progresses, more of these chapters will become available. Not to mention, these story mode chapters are also great in teaching you how to play an archetype you might not have even touched before.

Yugioh Master Duel Solo Mode Chapters – Full List

There are currently a total of 14 Solo Mode Chapters.

  • The Absolute Monarch (Monarch)
  • The Warriors of the Six Elemental Lords (Elementsaber)
  • Ruin and Demise (Demise, Supreme King of Armageddon/Ruin, Queen of Oblivion)
  • The Mystery of the Megalith (Megalith)
  • The Pyroxene Warriors (Gem-Knight)
  • The Glory of the Gladiator Beasts (Gladiator Beasts)
  • Studying the Origins of the Karakuri (Karakuri)
  • Specter Slaying Flames (Shiranui)
  • Gears of Justice dispatch! (Geargia)
  • Digital Bugs in Cyberspace (Digital Bug)
  • The Steam Dinosaurs of Uncharted Lands (Dinomist)
  • The Colossal Majestic Conch (Qliphort)
  • The Legend of the Star Heroes Chosen by the World Legacy (World Chalice)
  • Gift of the Martyr (World Legacy)

Solo Mode Rewards

Thankfully, Master Duel isn’t too stingy when it comes to rewards. And earning crafting material for cards as well as gems. To get these rewards, you need to complete the various steps to the solo mode.

image 21

Upon completing the various Story Mode chapters, you can get a variety of rewards:

  • Duel Strategy: 2400 gems, 1x Raigeki, 1x Monster Reborn and 1x Reinforcement of the Army
  • Per completion of each story chapter: 200 gems each
  • Solo Mode duel missions: 3600 gems, 100 SR CP and 100 UR CP
  • Solo Gate missions: 1200 gems

For completing the entire Solo mode campaign, players will receive 10,000 gems, three staple UR cards, 100 SR CP and 100 UR CP.

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