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Yugioh Master Duel’s XYZ Festival is here

The first Master Duel Event is here! Time to overlay in the XYZ Festival

Updated: Mar 14, 2022 12:58 pm
Yugioh Master Duel’s XYZ Festival is here

Yugioh Master Duels very first event is here. The online simulator had its events leaked a while back. Now they are beginning to be rolled out. Each event is said to have limits to the type of cards you can use along with specific rewards you can earn by playing.

Exceeding expectations?

The first Master Duel event is the XYZ festival. As the name implies the only extra deck monsters you can play are XYZ monsters. If slapping 2 monsters on top of each other is your favorite summoning mechanic then this is for you. What if you don’t have an XYZ deck ready? Well, worry not. Konami has included 3 loaner decks.

  • Light’s Simulacrum
    Cypers are a simple XYZ deck designed to modulate levels to 8, to make massive rank 8 xyz like Galaxy-Eyes Cypher Dragon. The boss monsters are OTK machines designed to reduce your opponetns life points to 0 in one turn.
  • Dark Fangs of Rebellion
    The phantoms knights are a beloved XYZ deck in the tcg. Using Dark level 3 and 4 monsters you can dismantel your opponents boards. You can beat any of your opponents monsters with the ace monster Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon.
  • Raptor Evolution
    A rank 4 spam deck that moves to using spell caards to summon power rank 5 to 8 monsters from your extra deck. The Raidraptors are a great deck. With a powerful summoning spell in Raidraptor – Call making your Rank 4’s is incredibly easy that can be ranked up using your Rank up magic spells.

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Your free decks

What are the rules?

As said before unlike standard Master Duel you can only have XYZ in your extra deck. No fusions, links, or Synchros. Rewards you can earn during the event by getting medals. You get medals by dueling!

At the end of each duel, you will win some medals depending on if you win, draw, or lose. You will not get medals if you surrender, so no backing out if you draw bad hands.

If you use your own deck you earn double medals so the incentive is there to get crafting your own XYZ-based deck.

What decks should you play?

Any XYZ you want to try will be good for this event. This is a very casual event with no ranked ladder. Unlike the normally ranked duel.

Here are some fun and complex decks you could pick up for the Master Duel XYZ Event

  • Utopia
    Easy deck to make from 3 of the structure decks. Makes powerful high attack XYZ that can win games with ease.
  • Time Theif
    A Control deck that steals your opponetns card to build up advantage with the effect of time theif redoer. A fan favorite.
  • Zoodiac
    Two monster too much for your XYZ summons? Zoodiac only use one. Zoodaic Drident destorys opponents monsters on their turn so its a force to be reconned with.
  • Kragen Control
    A water Xyz deck that turns all of your opponents monsters into water too. This along with Gozen match gives you total control over your oppoents feild

You can play other decks in the XYZ festival as only your extra deck is limited, so get ready to duel more Eldlich decks.

The rewards

For every 100 medals for the first 1000, you earn you get rewards. This can be Gems or event-specific XYZ reward tickets that give cards specific to XYZ archetypes.

After 1000 medals the rewards come in every 200 medals you earn until you reach 5000. The rewards keep coming until you hit 20000 medals. By earning 3200 Medals you earn roughly 2000 gems, that 20 whole packs of whatever you want.

Time to duel

If you want to play at the XYZ festival with friends you can. This is now its own banlist that you can use in duel rooms. All of this can be accessed from the Duel tab. The empty events tab now has XYZ Festival waiting for you. The XYZ event will be running until the 24th of Febuary so you have one week to earn those medals.

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