When will Genshin Impact be released on the Switch?

Players are eager to play Genshin Impact on the Switch, but they continue to ask, when will it be released on the eShop?

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Genshin Impact continues to amass an outstanding number of players on PC, Mobile and PlayStation but gamers want to know when it’ll be released on the Switch

The incredibly popular open-world JRPG has taken the world by storm, with an approximate 3 million users per day on mobile alone.  It is a free-to-play open-world adventure game which has been compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild. With beautiful landscapes and even more beautiful character designs!


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Gensin Impact Switch Release

We know that Genshin Impact will be released on the Switch, but developers miHoYo never released an official release date. This has led to many players anxiously awaiting any word of development from MiHoYo.

As of now, we have no official release date but we can assume that Genshin will be on Switch within the year or 2022.


Where to play Genshin Impact

People who want to give Genshin Impact a try can still find multiple planforms for the game. People can still play Genshin Impact on PC, Android, IOS and PlayStation 4 and 5 for free. Genshin Impact also supports cross-play.