Our Second Red Dead Redemption 2 PC CD Key Giveaway

Want another chance to win RDR2? Lucky for you, we are going to give you the opportunity to do just that, with a brand new WePC Red Dead Redemption 2 PC CD Key Giveaway, closing on the 9th of December!

The release of the epic western was initially held back by some launch issues, but Rockstar had them fixed and now Red Dead Redemption is thriving in the PC community, with PC gamers loving the cinematic and atmospheric world they explore in the shoes of Arthur Morgan. In fact, you can even find some pretty insane mods for Red Dead 2 now, courtesy of the ever-innovative modding community.

At its core though, Red Dead Redemption II is an incredible journey through the old west, with a cast of colorful characters and beautiful, haunting locations to guide the player through a bittersweet, memorable story. With an engaging and growing online multiplayer community to boot, we can’t recommend Red Dead Redemption II enough! 

So, how do you get in with a chance to win your own copy of Red Dead Redemption 2? Simple. All you have to do is be part of our mailing list, and to join that list just answer the really simple question below!

Our giveaway is international, and there are plenty of other ways to give yourself additional entries as you see below – so good luck, and await the announcement of a winner on Monday!

Our Second Red Dead Redemption II Giveaway