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What is Gigabyte Aorus?

Looking at a range of gaming components, we answer what you might be wondering what Aorus is

Updated: Feb 21, 2023 3:49 pm
What is Gigabyte Aorus?

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Gigabyte is a well-known Taiwanese manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware. Being founded in 1986, there is some history behind it, so you may be wondering what is Gigabyte Aorus.

As a general hardware distributor, it has its standards. It started being known for its Ultra Durable construction on its motherboard with all solid capacitors.

Then with power supplies, it has expanded into many components of the ecosystem. With servers, phones, laptops, monitors, mice, keyboards, cases, everything.

So with that, it did want to create some definition between its offerings. So it has the Aorus subsidiary. This is a more high-end brand focus.

With a specialization in gaming products of motherboards, GPUs, notebooks and such it defines the parts more directed at to top end users.

This doesn’t mean it’s the only choice, but it is the more premium one. Standard Gigabyte components are still available but will fall behind what the gaming selection has to offer.

Gigabyte Aorus FI32U 9

Is AORUS and Gigabyte the same?

AORUS is a subsidiary of Gigabyte. So it means they are the same, just Aorus is the premium selection of the Gigabyte brand. It is more gaming-focused and offers a top-end selection of products.

Is AORUS better than Gigabyte?

At a premium offering, the Aorus brand offers top-end performance in its products. As such it is better than Gigabyte as its subsidiary. But that is by design.

It is a gaming-focused named brand of Gigabyte and so it offers higher alternatives to the standard. With a range of motherboards, GPUs, and even peripherals so you can get the most out of them at a higher price.

Is AORUS Gigabyte good?

As a top-end brand, Aorus offers some of the best performance out there. Whether it’s for their monitors, graphics cards, or other choices they aim for the best pick of the pack.

These improve over the standard Gigabyte components but not without a price premium. So it is good but depends on if it’s worth the extra for you.

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