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RTX 4080 Ti release date estimate, price and spec rumors

If you're still looking forward to some different cards, we look to the 4080 Ti release date

Updated: May 1, 2023 9:54 am
RTX 4080 Ti release date

As the plethora of Ada series cards come out, then there are lots of options to pick from, and one of those is quite a high-end choice. So you might wonder what the RTX 4080 Ti release date is, as it might be a good price-to-performance option to sit in between the current options.

As the best RTX 4070 rolls out, then you might not be too keen on what it has to offer. Even with its pricing and plenty of places where to buy the 4070, it doesn’t quite have the performance difference you might expect or want.

It might still be a bit early for the SKU, and even rumors are lacking on the GPU. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing or some good speculation to be made on the card and what it might have in it.

RTX 4080 Ti release date estimate

We can look back to when the previous 80 Ti models were released to get an understanding of when we could expect the next option. So when looking back, we see that the RTX 3080 Ti came out in May of 2021, 8 months after the 30 series first came out.

If that was the case for the new version, we could expect to see the RTX 4080 Ti in June 2023. That seems relatively soon considering that this generation has been releasing intermittently with long gaps between them.

So it might take even longer for this card. With it even running into 2024, especially with barely any rumors on the card even around.

RTX 4080 Ti specs rumors

It’s still early on and nothing concrete has come up as of yet. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing at all. With KittyYYuko on Twitter giving something that might be the RTX 4080 Ti specs. As the suggested option would fit in well between the RTX 4080 and 4090.

The PG139-SKU340 doesn’t have an attached SKU to it. But it might feature the AD102-250 GPU. Which then would have 14,848 CUDA cores, with 116 SMs in it. With the VRAM bus of 320-bit with a speed of 21 Gbps in its 20GB of the likely GDDR6X.

RTX 4080 Ti spec rumor

RTX 4080 Ti price prediction

As the card is going to be sitting in between the range of the 90 and 80 models we expect its pricing roughly somewhere in between. So the RTX 4080 Ti price is likely to sit between $1,199 and $1,599. So it stands to reason it should cost around $1,399.

It’s not the worst out of the range in terms of pricing. As we have seen all of the pricing on the Nvidia cards has been increasing, especially in the mid to top range. As such it will come down to its performance and value to see if it’s worth the price.


When is the RTX 4080 Ti release date?

There is no definitive date for the card, with not even many rumors on it so it might be some time yet until it is released. As such we can only speculate as to when it releases. If it follows the 3080 Ti, it could be coming in June 2023. But it will potentially be much later, if not Q3 2023, but 2024 as there are plenty more cards coming yet.

Is the RTX 4080 Ti coming?

As another top-end option, Nvidia will most likely leap at the opportunity to release another card. Fitting in between the 4090 and 4080, it will fill a gap and cost quite a bit. So it will most likely come out as plenty of 80 Ti models before it have, as Nvidia will want to make sure it gets the most it can from the range.

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