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RTX 4090 Ti specification rumours

If the 4090 was not powerful enough, check out the RTX 4090 Ti rumors

Updated: Jan 31, 2023 9:21 am
RTX 4090 Ti specifications

The Ada lineup of cards started launching in October 2022. The initial choice of the best graphics card becoming the RTX 4090. However, even before some cheaper options are available, rumors about the RTX 4090 Ti specifications have emerged.

This is an interesting choice, although we’re not sure if it will come out first or not. These rumors do show Nvidia’s focus on the higher end more expensive choices.

It also poses interesting questions about the size of the card. As the 4090 size was already gigantic, and with the increasing specifications, the Ti is likely increasing in size. So we’re gonna be looking at even chunkier cards and bigger cases needed. Or water cooling is more common.

So with that let’s have a look at what the rumor mill has to say about the card so far.

RTX 4090 Ti specification rumors

So when it comes to rumors in the tech world there are a few reliable sources we turn to. One of which is @kopite7kimi on Twitter.

RTX 4090 Ti rumored specs

They have given us a potential look at what to expect from the RTX 4090 Ti. The tweet came in on the 30th of January. Along with a potential image of the card coming to a couple of days earlier from @Zed__Wang.

The card is possibly built on the PG136/139 board, with an SKU 310. And it will give it 18,176 CUDA cores. Which is 11% more than the 16,384 found in the 4090.

It then is expected to get a 96 MB L2 cache, up from 72 MB. Up 33%, but then the memory type stays the same. 24GB of GDDR6X VRAM is also expected on the Ti model.

Where that spec differs is the memory clock. Which is expected to rise up to 24 Gbps from 21. Giving the card a higher memory bandwidth.

But with all the increases, the power requirement is also increasing. The card jumps to a 600W total board power. Up from the already large 450W on the 4090.

About 150W more cooling capacity is needed, which may explain the leaked FE card below. Which with a vertical PCB allows for a four-slot cooler to try to tame that temperature.

RTX 4090 Ti or Titan IO
4090 Ti/ Titan photo leak, source: @Zed__Wang

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