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Where to buy AMD RX 7600 US, UK, Canada, & more – Available Now

The best retailers for the AMD RX 7600

Updated: May 25, 2023 2:10 pm
Where to buy AMD RX 7600

It’s time to take a look at where to buy AMD RX 7600 GPU. While there were several concrete rumors around the RX 7600’s release date, AMD kept schtum until the review embargos dropped yesterday. There are no official sellers listed yet, however, we have covered hardware launches for years and know all the expected retailers that will be stocking this new SKU.

The upcoming RX 7600 is poised to enter the budget realm, with the most affordable price out of both AMD and Nvidia’s latest generation of cards. This card is pretty close to the entry level, with an appealing prospect for many of your looking for a new GPU without breaking the bank, especially now it’s been officially revealed.

We’d say it’s unlikely that you’ll be able the pre order the RX 7600 now, especially since there has been no confirmed news of pre-orders. Since the card is ready to drop on various retailers within 24 hours, a likely release time of 2PM BST could be on the cards once again. There is no longer any need for buying in advance. However, we do have some further details about retailers that may still offer this in some way.

Anyone building a new gaming PC or is in need of an upgrade targeting great 1080p performance may be interested in the RX 7600. You can also look out for the best CPU for this entry to mid-range card while you’re at it. Anyway, let’s jump into where to buy the RX 7600!

Where to buy AMD RX 7600 – US

First of all, let’s look at where to buy your new RX 7600 in the US. We’ll update links as soon as more arrive. Especially with several models from various manufacturers.


Best Buy


Where to buy AMD RX 7600 – Canada

Canada next – again, updates are to come during the launch, where we can expect to see more editions on show.


Best Buy


Where to buy AMD RX 7600 – UK

The UK is another important market for AMD to hit, with a bunch of great retailers to choose from. Expect further updates throughout the release period.








Can I pre order the RX 7600?

AMD’s latest entry into the RDNA 3 7000 series is now officially announced, as you can see on the AMD website. However, there are currently no pre-orders available out there. We’ll be on the look out for any movement in this regard, but the chances are extremely slim. Pre-ordering graphics cards has generally gone out of fashion due to the turbulent times of shortages and scalping.

Once more retailers start listing the RX 7600, likely during May 25th, it may be possible to reserve pre-orders for select models. This has happened before in UK stores such as Scan or Overclockers UK – but we’ll have to wait and see.

Will there be RX 7600 stock issues?

There is unfortunately always the prospect of stock issues during a graphics card release. This has improved in recent times, but it’s always something to look out for. It’s hard to predict how popular the RX 7600 will be. We did see the likes of the 7900 XTX suffer from diminished stock though, so perhaps AMD’s latest release will be just as in demand. Since the reviews are now in, more and more people will be learning of the RX 7600 release.

Should I buy the RX 7600 on launch day?

The RX 7600 looks to be a pretty decent deal with it’s launch price which cuts under the current Nvidia line-up. However, you may think it’s still not worth picking up on the day of release. If you’re in need of a great 1080p card and have the budget to upgrade to the latest generation, we’d say it’s worth jumping in, in case stocks start running low.

On the other hand, it’s worth holding out for the eventual RX 7600 XT, or checking out some previous generation GPUs to see if the same performance can be garnered from previous generations for a cheaper price.

Where to buy AMD RX 7600 FAQs

Which retailers have the RX 7600?

Plenty of big retailers should be jumping in on the action for the latest AMD graphics card launch. Amazon and Best Buy are some of the best places in North America.

Amazon is of course a great choice worldwide as well, but we’re also looking into Scan, Overclockers UK, Ebuyer, Novatech, and Box.

When can I buy the RX 7600?

You can buy the RX 7600 on it’s release day, which is almost certainly taking place on May 25th. That’s more or less confirmed now that the review embargo dropped the previous day (May 24th).

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