Discord No Router Error | How To Fix Guide

Discord No Router Error

Discord is the world’s largest VoIP application. It currently has 250 million registered users and, on average, has approximately 14 million active users a day. It was brought to fruition back in May 2015 and was designed to target Reddit communities that would soon need to replace their IRC servers. Since that date, Discord has grown exponentially, thanks to gamers and esports fanatics using it in their masses.

However, like all software applications, Discord doesn’t come without its problems. One of the most frequently searched errors is the dreaded, “No Router Error” which usually relates to entering or using a voice channel. I know, annoying.

In today’s article, we’re doing a deep dive into the reasons we encounter this error message and exactly how we go about fixing it. Let’s get into it.


What Causes The No Router Error To Occur?

We took a lot of time to try and figure out every eventuality when it came to this error message so that we could try and help as many people as possible. We found a list of reasons why you might be experiencing the error, and we go on to solving those individual cases later in the article.

Below are most of the reasons you will encounter the “No Router Error”.

  • Your antivirus/Firewall might be affecting Discord – Discord will not be permitted to maintain an outgoing connection with an outside server.
  • IP address for the PC you’re using was changed –Usually happens when you have a Dynamic IP which changes regularly. In this case, we have a really simple fix that requires a quick reboot.
  • Use of a VPN – Discord only works with VPN’s that have been designed with UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
  • Discord is blocked by a network admin – This will occur at work or school, it means your network admin has blocked access to the application.
  • Your region may not be compatible – Sometimes if you try to connect to a server located on another continent, you can experience the error.

So, How Do I Fix The No Router Error?

If what you’re looking for is numerous ways to fix Discord’s no router error so you can rejoin your teammates in the heat of battle, then look no further, this is our comprehensive, step-by-step guide, on how to fix the problem for good.

We have listed the methods in order of success, starting with the most successful to the least.

Method 1: Restart your setup, completely

Sometimes the simplest method is the most effective, and in this case, the simplest method involves doing a full system and router reboot. I know, I’m sure you’ve heard it before from every tech guy on earth. But, whenever there is a computer error, the first thing you should do is a full restart.

In this specific case, the reason we do a restart on both the PC and router is that, sometimes, Discord frowns upon a user’s IP changing. If you have a dynamic IP address, then your IP changes all the time.

You can verify whether this is a temporary error by restarting your router and reloading your PC. If, after the restart, you can resume using Discord, you know the issue is down to your IP address.

If you’re still getting the error message, fear not, we have more solutions to come.

Method 2: Disable/Uninstall 3rd Party Firewall

Another very common reason you might be experiencing the “No Router Error” comes down to your antivirus software. Just like our “Can’t hear people in Discord” article, your antivirus may be blocking you from connecting to a harmful source, in this case, Discord.

This usually occurs in overprotective antivirus packages, but can happen to anyone. The way to establish whether or not your antivirus software is at the root of the no route error cause is to first, look in your AV’s quarantine folder.

All antivirus software packages have a quarantine area. This is a place where files end up if they’re deemed unsafe and harmful to your computer. Sometimes, your antivirus will place a software file in there thinking it is harmful when, in reality, it isn’t.

Find the quarantine folder, sometimes called virus chest, virus vault, or some variation of this, and locate any files relating to Discord or have Discord in the file name and restore them. At this stage, you can add an exception to that file as well, so you don’t encounter the problem anymore.

If by chance, you don’t see any Discord files in your AV’s quarantine then it might be worth uninstalling your antivirus altogether. Only do this temporarily to test Discord, reinstall as soon as you have concluded whether or not your AV is the issue.

Method 3: Try Uninstalling your VPN

VPNs can be great, especially if you want to access content that isn’t available in your country. However, it can have serious side effects when used alongside Discord.

Like our first method, a VPN will change your IP, which could interfere with your Discord usage. Alternatively, using a VPN that does not make use of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) will also result in the error because Discord has not been designed with that support.

The easiest way to conclude whether or not the VPN is the issue is to disable the VPN and try loading Discord. If it works, you know the VPN is the problem.

Method 4: Check to See if Discord Is Blocked by a Network Admin

If you’re encountering this error when trying to use Discord in work or at school, then you might find that the network admin has blocked access to Discord. Annoying.

There is a way around this, but be aware, you might get into a lot of trouble by doing so, always check with your network admin first and let them know your requirements for Discord.

Follow the steps below to bypass the block:

  1. Open up your control panel. Do this by pressing “Windows Key + R” and type “Control” in the pop-up box.  Click OK to open the control panel. Run command control panel 1
  2. Once inside the control panel, go to “Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center”. Once in the sharing center, locate and click the “Connections” hyperlink associated with your private network connection.  See picConnections
  3. In the pop-up “Connection” window, click on Properties
  4. Inside Properties, go to the Networking tab and select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click Properties again.internet protocol version
  5. You first need to change the DNS server settings to “Use the following DNS Server Addresses”. Following this, set the Preferred DNS Server to 8 8 8 8. Once this is done, set the Alternate DNS Server to 8 8 4 4.  Click ok to save the changes. internet protocol settings
  6. Once complete, close all windows and restart your computer to reset to the new settings. At the next startup, your Discord app should connect to a voice channel without issue. If you still experience the error, then try our next step as an alternative method.

Method 5: Try Changing The Server’s Voice Region

Sometimes, the error can occur when the server’s voice region is set in a continent that doesn’t support your network. In this case, the only thing you can do is speak to the server admin and see if he will change the server’s voice region to your continent.

If he doesn’t know who to change the server’s voice region, don’t worry, it’s a pretty easy process. All he needs to do is; Go to Server settings > Server region. Here he can select the region.

Method 6: Reset your IP Configurations

A long shot, but has been known to have some success, is the flushing of your IP configurations by typing a series of commands into the command prompt. Some people have reported that the following process fixed the issue permanently, whereas others have reported that they would have to repeat the steps to ensure the error does not resurface.

With that, here’s how to reset the IP Config;

  1. Open an elevated Command prompt by typing “CMD” into Run (Windows key + R) and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter
  2. In the command prompt, type “ipconfig /release” and click enter
  3. Next, type “ipconfig /flushdns”, this will flush the DNS
  4. Finally, type “ipconfig /renew” to renew the IP configuration
  5. Once complete, simply restart your system and try loading Discord, with any luck, this should solve your problem

Closing Thoughts

That’s the full breakdown of every method we have on fixing the annoying “No Route Error” message when trying to log into a voice channel in Discord. Hopefully, one of these methods solves your problem.

Let us know in the comments section below how you got on and whether or not the methods were easy to follow.

If you have any further Discord-related questions, please check out our How To Use Discord page for a full list of all our guides.