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How to Pre Order iPad & iPad Mini. The new iPad and iPad mini have been revealed at Apple Event 2021.

You can pre order the new iPad and iPad Mini right now!

Read below for everything you need to know about how to pre order the new iPad and iPad Mini, as well as the new iPad release date in 2021.

The New iPad Launch Date - iPad 13 Event Date 2021

The new iPad and iPad mini for 2021 were revealed on September 14, 2021, at the Apple Event 2021.

We got our first look at both versions of the new iPad, a run-through of all the new features, and the news that you can pre order both the iPad and iPad mini right now!


When Does The New iPad Pre Order Start? iPad Pre Order Date & iPad Mini Pre Order Date

As mentioned, the iPad & iPad mini have been available to pre order since the Apple Event on September 14, 2021 10:00 AM PDT.

The New iPad & iPad Mini Features 2021

The New iPad Features 2021

The main feature of the new iPad is the new A13 Bionic system-on-chip, which is 3 times faster than the fastest Chromebook (that’s fast!)

The new iPad comes with a 12-megapixel camera as well as the Centre Stage feature familiar from the previous gen iPad Pro, to improve live video streaming and video conferencing. True Tone will adjust the color temperature to reduce stress on the eyes.

1st generation of the iPad Pencil will come with it plus iPadOS 15 including features like quicknote and other time-saving features.

The price of the new is iPad $399 or $299 for schools.

The New iPad Mini Features 2021

The iPad mini. This brings a reported increase 40% CPU power and 80% GPU performance! Meaning some solid gaming improvements.

The new iPad mini has a 12 megapixel back camera with improved quality. The inclusion of a USB-C port on the mini is also a welcome feature, which previously was not available for the mini.

The price of the new iPad mini is $499.

When Will The New iPad Be Released? iPad Mini Release Date

The iPad release date and iPad Mini release date are both in the week after the launch event.

It was unclear whether this meant exactly one week after September 14, which would mean a release date for the iPad & iPad mini of September 21, 2021 or later that same week.

Either way, the latest you’ll have to wait to get your hands on the iPad is September 24, 2021.

Where To Pre Order iPad 2021 - Where Can I Pre Order iPad Mini?

The following are places you can pre order the iPad and iPad Mini once listings become available.

Pre Order iPad & iPad Mini through Apple

  • Navigate to in your web browser.
  • Click on the iPad or iPad mini tab at the top of the home page.
  • After you have made the decision between the iPad or the iPad Mini, click on it to order – a pre-order option should be made available.

Pre Order iPad & iPad Mini through third party retailers

The following retailers will be listing the iPad and the iPad Mini for sale. As soon as direct links become available we will list them here.

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